Using Eero with existing 1 x Modem/Router Combo and 2 x Routers

Hi all,


I'm thinking about adding an Eero (Double-NAT) to my existing network (that somebody set up for me 1-2 years ago). My current network looks like this:


Internet ---> Modem/Router Combo (3rd floor - SSID_3) ---> Router2 (2nd floor - SSID_2) ---> Router1 (1st floor - SSID_1)


As you can see, all of these routers broadcast different SSIDs from each other (SSID_1 for 1st floor, SSID_2 for 2nd floor, SSID_3 for 3rd floor).


After reading this Eero help article, I'm thinking about double-NAT-ing my Eero with the current setup. So I'm thinking about changing the network to this:


Internet ---> Modem/Router Combo (3rd floor - Bridge mode - PPPoE) ---> Eero (3rd floor - SSID_3) ---> Unmanaged Switch (TP-Link) ---> Router2 (2nd floor - SSID_2) ---> Router1 (1st floor - SSID_1).


What I'm planning to do is putting the Modem/Router Combo from the ISP to Bridge Mode, and run Ethernet from that Modem/Router Combo to the Eero. Then I would run Ethernet from the Eero to an unmanaged switch (8 ports - 2 ports connecting to 2 x PCs).


From my unmanaged switch, I would use another port to run Ethernet to Router2 (2nd floor - SSID_2), and again run Ethernet from Router2 (2nd floor - SSID_2) to Router1 (1st floor - SSID_1).


Would this setup work? Please let me know what you think.

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    • cmarinas
    • 1 yr ago
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    Ideally you'd replace Router2 and Router1 with eero. With three of them, you can use the same SSID throughout the house.

    My setup (with double NAT, I can't put the ISP router in bridge mode):

    Internet ---> Modem/Router Combo ---> eero ---> switch ---> 2nd eero (wired) + some locally wired PCs

    A third eero connects to the main eero via wifi (I don't have a wired backhaul for it) but you can connect it to the unmanaged switch directly.

    The key is that the modem/router does not go into the unmanaged switch but only into the eero and the switch connected to the other port of the eero. This way all the DHCP for your local network is handled by the eero.

      • jamescunha
      • 10 mths ago
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      cmarinas is it possible to use the modem/router combo as switch?

      but all devices plugged into it to use eero DHCP?

      otherwise we lose all the extra ports, right?

      • cmarinas
      • 10 mths ago
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      jamescunha This may work if you can disable DHCP on the modem/router combo but not in bridge mode. After that, your gateway eero would need to have a static IP configured since it can't get a DHCP address from the modem router but it can serve DHCP to other devices connected to the router/modem.

      If you keep the modem/router in bridge mode, I don't think you can use it as a switch for eero. It's the gateway eero that takes over the router role with both a WAN and a LAN interface and another switch would need to be connected to its LAN interface (well, the other port of the eero that doesn't go into the modem/router).

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