Eero Pro (Gateway/Router) 2nd Gen with Fios G3100...Wifi6 Compatible? Outdoor advantage?

So I have had an Eero system since summer 2019, and I had picked up three Eero pro 2nd gens to setup said system. System is running fine as of now, but has pretty bad strength outdoors, despite how much coverage is given with all 3 together, and all are close to windows. It is currently running with the Fios G3100 Wifi6 Router, which I installed in the past few months. After having a Verizon tech come to my home and fix all my issues with Fios tv/internet, everything looks good, except the outdoor area, it drops off towards the edge of my backyard. Im using that connection to have Eero connected to Sonos amp/speakers in the back corner of the yard.

So I have a few questions really, what can I do to improve the reach of the mesh with what I have currently, and also, did the eeroOS 6.1.0 update make it so the 2nd gen pro (not pro 6) can connect to the wifi 6 signal of the new Fios router?I have good speeds, but do I have to replace my current set of 3 Pro's with Pro 6's to get the Wifi 6? Seems like the hardware in the older unit cannot support wifi6, but I'm a little confused with the wording of their update. Can I just have one pro 6 as the gateway for wifi 6 and leave the other two pro's as they are, or do I have to do all 3 to have it really work as intended?

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  • Not sure if this is going to matter in your case. 

    The external walls of the house I am dealing with, a relatives, have wire mesh as part of the external render. I have not opened up anything to really check. I am told that is what is there. They claim that it makes for a bad signal and I can understand the logic is this is really true.

    As you say your coverage is good in the home and bad outside, maybe the external walls are causing the interference. Not sure how you would go about testing to verify if that is the case. I do note that you said your Eeros are close to windows.

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