Topology Constraints - Please fix to utilize standard networking topologies

The ethernet backhaul topology requirements are a longstanding issue that makes absolutely no sense. Eero customers are unfortunately unable to customize their network to leverage an ethernet backhaul that's foolproof.

This thread documents the issue and how old the problem is:


The documentation here clearly indicates the required topologies, however the topology and software is architected in a way that requires what Eero claims to be common topologies. A standard home or enterprise-like network is excluded.


For instance, a standard network would imply the following:

1) Modem \ Router
2) Modem Connects to a Switch (managed or unmanaged)
3) Eeros connect to either a managed or unmanaged switch
4) Eeros default to ethernet when connected

As for item 4, if the concern is security related, then the firmware should include a method to broadcast to other Eeros on the subnet, communicate with one another, and establish the backhaul if communication is available. Secondly, when the Eeros phone home to the Eero cloud, they may be able to get IP information about other Eero devices and use that information to determine which method to use. In either case, it should be left to the customers and administrators to decide which method is preferred. The lack of administrative features to determine how best to setup a network is grossly over simplified and thus creates a very poor user and administrative experience. It isn't ideal to have a topology that incorporates a switch to require modem > eero > switch > eero. While customer may utilize that method, households with networking closets and ethernet ports in the wall, it is simply not feasible to require that topology or the other "approved" frameworks. Daisy-chaining for example is not feasible to run long ethernet cables up and down the house.

If you support this cause, please chime in and share your experience. A basic network architecture of modem > switch > eero(s) is all that we're asking for. Or at least the option to control each devices method for connection.

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