Bandwidth accumulation per device chart set

Today you can see information on instantaneous bandwidth use by device.

In managing bandwidth use at home (for services that have caps or limits) it would be very valuable to determine which devices use the most bandwidth over time (and perhaps then know who to talk with around possible behavior changes).

By having a chart set of (for example) day / week / month that one could see for a particular device as a follow on press to the instant bandwidth info (perhaps generated by periodically retaining and summing the instantaneous bandwidth information), one could make more informed decisions about how to best manage bandwidth. 

One could even use this information tell if some unexpected device is using up more bandwidth than expected (say a WiFi camera that may have been compromised, for example). 

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    • Justanotherhotfart
    • 3 yrs ago
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    As kind of an extension of this, what I’d love to see is a real time usage button broken down by active device.  Coming from an enterprise world, it would be awesome to select activity and see all current active network devices and their specific bandwidth usage.  This would be so handy for determining who’s the bandwidth pig and either talking to them or pausing them. 

      • judahfromla
      • 2 yrs ago
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      The initial request has been going on for over 3 years with a massive number of posts by different people to this board. They haven’t responded in ages. So who freaking knows what is happening. At this point if you can return your eero for a system that provides this information you might want to because WE DONT EVEN KNOW THE STATUS OF THE REQUEST.  DOES ANYBODY FROM EERO READ THIS BOARD?

      Add maddeningly, the second item used to be in the app. Then they redesigned it so there’s no longer a way to see a percentage device bandwidth like you’re suggesting. it’s a total waste of time to click on each device to see activity level which still doesn’t really provide that percentage usage you can extrapolate. So inconveniently located and not well detailed. 

      Can you tell I’m over this crappy (non) response from eero?

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