Eero Pro 6 Backhaul: I have 3 pros, all wired to switches, the last one on the chain says connected “Wireless” but it is indeed wired.

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  • Same issue here. After the latest update, it doesnt connect to ethernet anymore, it became like a wifi repeater. You also lose a lot of speed since it is not wired connection anymore. I asked for help from Eero. No response so far! 

  • Hi nick. rivait

    Make sure you are using the correct topology first. We have an article about topology here: https://support.eero.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000830546-Examples-of-common-network-topologies

    Basically in needs to be internet/modem->gateway eero->other hardwired eero

    If you go internet/modem->multiple eero, it can cause this issue (as well as other ones).

    If you are in the correct topology try swapping the Office and Kitchen eeros around, see if the issue follows the eero (which would show an issue with it) or if it follows the spot (showing topology or cable issue)

  • Okay, I can definitely try switching the errors around. Right now our setup is: 

    (all wired with gigabit wiring) 


    Bell Modem > Basement Eero > Switch > Kitchen Eero > Switch > Office Eero

  • Awesome; I will try that. 

    What is weird though; the Mac Mini plugged into the “Office Eero” that says its wireless is getting full 940mbps download, all the time. Which makes me assume the Eero knows it’s wired, or giving a wired speed and the app is just incorrect. 

    any thoughts on that?

    • nick. rivait I would need to take a look at the actual network data to get an idea, but if that is the speed it actually is getting I would not be complaining.

    • How do I send the network data? 

      I just don’t know if it’s causing a slow down on the wireless devices, which is about 25-30 at any given time. 

    • nick. rivait You would call in: https://support.eero.com/hc/en-us/articles/207376426-How-do-I-contact-eero-support-

      But I very much doubt that mac would cause a slowdown on the network.  My suggestion is getting the current wired/wireless figured out and fixed first, since we know that is an issue.  Once it is all good then look for other possible issues.

  • Oh - I meant like 

    Is the Office Eero causing a slowdown to its wireless clients because it believes it’s connected wirelessly, when in fact it’s wired. 

  • I have a feeling that: 


    The switch is taking the connection from the office eero instead of the kitchen eero. Because my Kitchen Eero says there’s only 1 Ethernet cable coming from it. 

    • nick. rivait You very well might be correct on both issues.  However, once we get correct switches in there both should no longer be an issue.  So, I would first go kitchen->office (no switch) and see if the office shows as wired, if it does, you know that switch is causing an issue and needs to be swapped with a non-QoS one

    • Michael_eero_support sounds good. I’m worried the Ethernet cable in the wall between the Kitchen > Office is damaged. But I guess that switch being weird, could make the Kitchen Eero thing it doesn’t have an Ethernet cable plugged in. 

    • nick. rivait That cable being weird/broken could cause it as well, this is why I wanted you to try kitchen->office eero via that cable, see if the problem still exists.

  • Got it. We’ll try putting the Eero right at the end of that cable, and try with another cable. 

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