Eero Pro 6e Disconnecting intermittently



Couple of Days back i have replaced my old router ( 2 devices of Asus GT-AC5300) to 3 pack of Eero Pro 6e. I stay in 3 floored town home and installed Eero 3 pack on 3 floors with wired ethernet backhaul.

I have connected my main gateway on 2nd floor ( connected from Modem) and them other 2 in 2nd floor and 1st floor. All the devices are connecting properly and getting good speeds ( al though i observed my Gt-Ac5300 gives me good signal then Eero ( which i dont understand why)


I have the below 2 issues

1. I see that my internet is getting disconnecting intermittently for few seconds to minute every 3 to 4 hours. I never faced this issue with my old router

I performed all the basic troubleshooting steps like resetted the eeros, interchanged Eeros, rebooted the devices, verified the cables which is connnecting from Modem to Eero gateway, Eero to switch and other cables ( i had same setup including ethernet cables from past 5 years and never faced this issue with old Asus router), changed the dns to google dns and sometimes to cloudflare dns ( which i never did with old router). But i still see my internet is getting disconnecting intermittently

2. Second issue i am facing is that sometimes wifi gets disconnected and reconnected back on my mobile phone ( samsung S22) and my surface pro 7 laptop while changing floors. I am guessing this is happenign when the device is trying to connect to closet eero


Apart from the above 2 issues i am happy with the purchase. But i cannot just keep Eero while internet is getting disconnected as i work from home and zoom videos are freezing for few seconds during meetings due to internet disconnected issue

if i cant get this issue resolved, i dont have other option but to return back the device



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  • Hi  rinku2012 I am sorry that you are having this issue.  It sounds like you have done most of the troubleshooting we would normally do already.  I would like clarification on the topology.  You said you had all the eero wired, what is the exact topology?  If you are using a switch what is the make/model of that switch?

  • Hello,

    I have Router connected to one of the Eero Pro 6e. From Eero, other ethernet cable is connected to 8 port switch (Netgear GS108). From the switch, i have connected all the Cat 5e cables though out my home. 2nd and 3rd eero ae connected via ethernet backhaul

    My old routers are connected in the same topology and i never faced any internet dropping issue

    • rinku2012 That is the correct topology and that switch should be fine.  I would still experiment with removing the switch just to remove a variable and possible cause from the issue as a troubleshooting step.  I would also give support a call for this one

      • rinku2012
      • rinku2012
      • 2 wk ago
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      Sure. let me call support and check with them about the issue. As i mentioned before there is no issue with my topology as same setup worked with old router.     

      • rinku2012
      • rinku2012
      • 2 wk ago
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      Michael_eero_support I spoke to eero support and they asked me to switch the cable between model and main eero router. I switched the cable and its still same issue. i am still getting intermittent internet disconnection

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