Allow bulk deletion or “select all” for entries in “Allow/Block” list.

Feature Request: Please allow for bulk deletion or a delete all for allow/block domains. A import/export would be nice as well but having to delete every entry manually is ridiculous.

It’s extremely time-consuming for situations in which you want to disable Eero secure features in order to either transition from Eero Secure when ending a subscription, or wanting to use a custom DNS again that users have to go into Allow/Block and manually delete each entry and click confirm for each one.

I’d like to see a Delete all option added to the app, and ideally an option to import Allow/Blocks in whatever format Eero would require to do so. At very least tho it would make things much easier not having to manually delete every entry. I have like 30/40, but I imagine anyone using their network for any length of time would have more and would be expected to remove each one manually before being able to again use Custom DNS. In some cases it becomes less time consuming to just delete the entire network and start again.



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