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I just had Frontier fiber with eero pro 6 K010011 router installed Friday. My ambient weather station has been off line since and cannot connect to send data to the internet. What do I have to do to get it to connect again? It does connect to Weatherunderground but not Ambientweather.net. Router seems to be blocking it.

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  • Hi Marc J

    The only part of eero that can block websites is eero Plus.  To see if that is what it causing the problem the easiest way to test is to use the Guest network.  Devices on the guest network get internet access, cannot access, or be accessed by, other devices on the network, and do not get any eero Plus filtering/protections.

    You can enable/disable/setup the guest network in eero App->Settings->Guest Access


    If you put your device on the guest network and it still doesn't work, something else is causing it.  If it works, you can add a site to the allow list so it will work on the main network (access that Allow list under eero App->Discover->eero Plus->Block & Allow Sites (at the bottom)).

      • Marc J
      • Marc_J
      • 9 days ago
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      Michael_eero_support    I did forget to mention one thing.  It is HARDWIRED, does not have WIFI capability. 

    • Marc J Then you won't be able to try it via the guest network.

      Try adding it to the Allow list (this is assuming you are subscribed to eero Plus).

      If you do not have eero plus try adjusting where eero sends DNS requests to.

      Go to eero app->Settings->Network Settings->DNS

      Move the dot to Custom and put in the following data:

      IPv4 Primary:

      IPv4 Secondary:

      IPv6 leave blank and click save, this will make the network reboot.

      Those settings are for Google DNS, you can use whoever you want to use but this will see if we are barking up the right tree.

      • Marc J
      • Marc_J
      • 8 days ago
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      Michael_eero_support  I am not subscribed to eero+ (as far as I know)  This system is all new to me as of 1/20/23.  They gave me very little information to work with.  I did change the DNS lookup, as suggested, after I was able to turn off the Advanced security and Ad Blocking.  ( took me awhile to find that! lol)  I waited about 20 mins to be sure, but it still will not transfer data.  I am waiting to hear back from Ambient weather for the domain name to try to allow that site.  All I have is a (hearsay) IP address of that it is supposed to connect to, but that is something I found by a google search, and cannot verify it is accurate yet.   I have to believe at this time there is something in the router that is blocking, but I have no idea what or where.  Thank you for your help.  It is at least keeping me sane at this point!

    • Marc J You are welcome.  Also, if you had to disable Advanced Security and Ad Blocking you are using eero Plus.  Since those options are all disabled, to be thorough, do a soft reset on the eero. 

      This will have the eero clear out all its current data, except which network it is attached to.  It will reboot, connect to the internet with default settings, redownload all the network data and then come online.  This is a good way to reset the software/settings on the eero without having to recreate the whole network.

      To do so locate the reset button the bottom of the eero Pro 6, hold it down until the led on the top goes to yellow, should take about 6 to 10 seconds of holding, please do not hold it for longer.  If you do not see that yellow led, let go, give the eero a minute to boot and then try again.

      Please note that you should not do this soft reset if you are on a static IP setup (go to eero app->Settings->Network Settings->ISP Settings, if it says Default/DHCP you are good, if it says Static IP do NOT do the soft reset).

      • Marc J
      • Marc_J
      • 6 days ago
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      Michael_eero_support Hi Michael.  I just wanted to let you know that when I attempted to do the reset, the white light would not go off, or flash yellow, or anything else.  It did something else:  the entire system crashed, and died!! LOL.  The new eero router that they installed was defective.  They finally got here today, and at my request, replaced the router, and I am back online again.  I had no way to respond to you.  I thank you for your help. It did serve to prove what I suspected all along, and that was that the router was my problem.  It all connected fine today with the new router with default settings. 

      Thanks again. Have a good day.  I hope I don' need to bother you again.


    • Marc J I'm glad it is all working now.

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