Can we please be consistent in your Mobile App?

Again, like my previous posting about a bug that has NOT been corrected in 6 months, maybe longer, here is one more that your QA team failed to detect.

Please open up a Jira problem for this bug and please have it corrected in the next release

On your "Devices" view controller, you display bandwidth consumed by each device in Mbps.  Your mention this when you tap on the "I" detailed disclosure.

Then why is it that when you on the Devices Details view controller, you now display bandwidth consumed in Kbps?


Can we please be consistent with how you report bandwidth consumed?  How did this get missed during the QA cycles?  Are you not using XCTest correctly and making sure that fields you display in your UITableViewCell are the same?


Remember, you're trying to offer an overall experience, not just from the End User persona, but from the homeowner persona.  Your User Stories should always begin with the persona like "As a user" or "As a homeowner".  Stories should include details on how data values are to be display, how view controller transitions should appear, etc...


Please record these bugs in Jira and let's hope they can get fixed in the next release of your app.

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    Hi  zubinanary

    Thanks for reaching out and for your feedback.

    I'm happy to pass this along to our team regarding providing more information on what it means when a device displays Kbps. Certain devices will show Kbps if they are active but are not consuming enough data to register at least one Mbps. This is often the case for devices like connected security cameras or doorbells.

    Thanks again.

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      Jeff C. That makes sense.  Then I think it helps everyone to make sure that we inform the user what the number really means.  If on one screen you have "Device usage is shown in megabits per section (Mbps)". then showing values in other screens should follow the same.  If you choose to show Mbps on one screen, and then Kbps on another screen, you do need to inform the user, otherwise the data can be inter petered differently.  


      It may be good to remove that text, and place Mbps or Kbps in the actual TableRowCell so that the number has some context.  Without context, you're going to have confusion.

    • zubinanary
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    You've just released 2.1.0 which starts off with "UI Polish and Bug Fixes...".  What UI Polishes were completed, because the two UI issues I found have yet to be corrected.  (1) Not being consistent or even specific with how you report usage. It is either Mbps or Kbps but at least inform the user so they understand what you are trying to illustrate on each of your View Controllers.  (2) The UI issue with your Tableview implementation.  Why does it not come back to the original spot in the Devices Viewcontroller when I go into the Device Details Viewcontroller...


    These are UI issues which are very easy to fix (just a few lines of Swift 3.0 code), but we are ALL still waiting for them to be fixed.


    Can you please confirm if you've opened up a Jira bug for the current sprint for these items (clearly it was not opened for the previous sprint as you just released version 2.1.0 of the mobile app).

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