Can we please have an eero app for the Mac?

Can we please have an eero app for the Mac?

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  • Plz.......................

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  • Given MacOS’ project marzipan, it’s a straightforward matter to run iOS apps on MacOS. There are already three Apple apps using it: Home, Stocks, and News.


    I personally wouldn’t need anything more than what is offered via the iOS app, so the MacOS version could be identical.

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  • I also would like the option to adjust my Eero network settings from my iMac instead of my iPhone OS.

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  • yes please

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  • Given the excellent iOS app I am surprised at this lack of a MacOS one.

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  • Same as https://community.eero.com/t/h4jgb6/mac-app (or the other way around)

  • It's time!!!

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  • Its about time to offer an eero app for the Mac.

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  • MacOS app is much needed. 

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  • I would also love to see a Mac app! 

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  • Would absolutely throw my hat in for this idea!

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  • I got a new MAC and went to check for an Eero app in the App store and was surprised none exists. Glad to find this thread and see I'm not the only one who would like to manage their Eero network from a MAC. Please consider this request Eero team :)

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  • I would also like to see a macOS native app or integration. I replaced my aging Airport Base Staton with an eeros 6 to make my iMac a network hub. iOS devices are just peripherals.

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  • I just completed migrating to an EERO 6 system nd would like to be able to use my I-Mac instead of my phone to manage my network

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  • Please kind Sir.... May we have this feature for our Macs?


    (shades of Oliver Twist) 

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  • While I’m sure eero must have some reason to not offer an eero app for Macs, I’m positive that most eero + Mac users would welcome it, despite the fact that there are only 67 👍s here. I don’t need to fool with or look into my eeros much, but when I do, it’s a PIA to have to get up from my desk to find my phone. C’mon, eero, I’m sure you can do, so please do it.

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  • Bump!

    As others have mentioned, it would be great to have at the very least, a catalyst version of the Eero app on macOS. Even a rosetta version of it would suffice on M1 based Macs. Make it happen, please and thank you!

  • Yes, much needed. 

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