Assign rooms to devices on the network

I live in a small apartment, yet I have almost 30 devices regularly attached to my network.  Searching for a specific device amongst the long list of devices on the Eero app can be a little tiresome, especially when they have similar names, such as Nest Cam Entryway, Nest Cam Garden, Nest Thermostat.   

Id like to be able to assign group names to these devices.  My preference would be to group them by room, but I could imagine some might like to group devices by their type.  So for example if there were a number of WiFi light bulbs, you might want to group them as lights, keeping them grouped makes it easier to find devices such as laptops where you’re far More likely to have fewer of these in a home.

Grouping by room would also support another feature request of HomeKit enablement.

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  • Could you use the Family Profiles feature to achieve this grouping?

  • I agree that this would be a worthy enhancement.  The way i do it currently, i rename the devices in the eero app and my naming convention is "Bdrm 1 - Alexa" "Bdrm 1 - DTV", "Bdrm 1 - Roku" " "Bdrm 2 - device", "Bsmt - device" or by family member "Dad - Phone", "Dad - Laptop" or "Mom - Phone" or "Child 1 - Ipad", "Child 1 - Phone", etc.  It's easy to sort then based on either room or individual.  Hope this makes sense.

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