Eero vs. Google WiFi

I am using Google Wifi and finding some significant gaps in the feature set. I am trying to find out which of these Eero also has (or does not have).  Sorry for the long list, but if anyone can weigh in on whether these are issues or not would be great.


1.    Ability to set your own IP range for DHCP

2.     Ability to run a mesh in bridge mode (i.e. with another router.) Don't need other router to provide wireless, just wired

3.     Control over whether updates are applied (and when)

4.     Ability to back up configurations

5.     Easily accessible logs

6.     Browser based management 

7.     Ability to work with Static IPs

8.     Ability to manage what data does/does not go to the vendor

More details on these: https://www.johnfruehe.com/google-wi-fi-its-missing-key-features/


Interested to know if Eero can overcome enough to make it a consideration.

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  • Hi  AustinBike

    Welcome to the eero community. Thanks for writing in and for your interest in eero! I'm happy to answer these questions for you 🙂

    1. Yes, you can set your own IP range for DHCP.

    2. Yes, you can still use eeros while in bridge mode. However, you won't have access to some advanced features (more information here ).

    3. When we release a new updated to the eeroOS, we will update all networks on a rolling basis. That means all networks will eventually be updated, and there isn't a way to decline these updates. Also, as soon as an update is available, you can elect to update your network at your convenience through the eero app.

    4. There isn't a way to backup your configurations via the app, however, they are always updated/saved in the cloud. As long as you don't delete your network, your configurations will always be connected to your eero network.

    5. At this time, logs are not accessible through the app. However, we are always interested to hear what information our customers are looking for. You can always contact support as well, and we can see how we can help.

    6. At this time, we don't have a browser interface to manage your network. For more information, please see this feature request.

    7. Yes, you can setup a network with a static IP. For more information, please see this help center article.

    8. While you can't manage what data comes into eero, we don't collect any personal information such as the websites you visit. For more specifics on the types of data that is collected, please see this help center article as well as our Privacy Policy.

    I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Feel free to give us a call at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at support@eero.com .

  • Jeff C. 

  • For #2, if I am in bridge mode, does the wifi handoff between access points still work? (For Google the mesh only works if their device is the primary router.


    For #7 I don't need a static IP for the router, I need it for devices.Google does not allow for setting the DHCP range, so you can't easily do a static IP address for a device. Ideally if you can set the DHCP range to, then I can set all of my static IPs at .151 and higher, never having to worry that the controller is going to assign those IPs out. 

  • Thanks for following up,  AustinBike

    In bridge mode, the eeros will still mesh exactly the same as they would when used as the primary router.

    As for #7, yes, the subnet and DHCP are customizable, so you can change them to whatever you need.

  • Jeff C. 

  • Great, sounds like some of my biggest objections can be handled by Eero.

    The lack of a browser interface seems like a problem for the industry, but if I can use my existing synology router to manage the WAN portion of the network and just use Eero as a wireless overlay (with DHCP turned off) then I don't need a browser interface because I only need Eero for the wifi portion and I can live with marginal capability for that.


  • Sounds great, Austin!

    If you have any other technical questions and would prefer to hop on the phone, we have an incredible support team who would love to chat it up with you. Feel free to give us a ring at 1-877-659-2347.

  • The great discussion really helpful. I also hope this source will definitely help you to know about which one is best Google Wifi vs. Eero vs. Orbi.

  • Ended up with Amplifi HD, which let me do most of the things that I wanted to, with the exceptions of a web console and deeper reporting.

  • AustinBike I know that this is an older thread but I went through the same process as you deciding on a mesh network.  I started with Google Wifi, but returned it mainly due to the fact that I couldn't change my Gateway and DHCP scope IP addresses.

    I then bought the Amplifi HD router and mesh points, which was a significant improvement over Google Wifi, however I ultimately returned it because the speeds around my house were much more inconsistent and the mesh points would randomly disconnect and had to be restarted manually every few days.  I contacted support, and their only recommendation was to factory reset a device that had only been up for a week.  I do miss that beautiful display on the router in my living room though.

    I installed my Eero, and so far it has been the best performing mesh wifi system that I have tried.  I do have some complaints, mainly with the app, but it seems that Eero is extremely open to listening to their customers and have implemented many features that were requested by the users on this forum.

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