We need WPS

Some old devices require use of only wps. so we need wps!

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    • Sundar
    • 3 yrs ago
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     I spent my 2 hours trying to connect my 3 IP cameras (Foscam) but in vein. Finally I found out that EERO does not have WPS. My cameras need wPS to connect. So, get rid of cameras or EERO?

    • Ashleydbc
    • 1 yr ago
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    I've been trying to connect my nighthawk mesh router to the eero pro 6, I'm guessing this will not work will it? This is getting frustrating and I've called both my internet provider and nighthawk with zero clear answers. Tia! 

    • autigers1970
    • 9 mths ago
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    I'm not an expert but perhaps the eero admins here could chime in on the feasibility of this solution:

    Add a WPS "button" in the eero app.  It temporarily turns on WPS at the eero and requires the user to physically click a button on the device they wish to connect.  Once connected, user can turn WPS off or it will automatically shut off in a few minutes.  It remains off unless the user logged into the app manually toggles it back on.  That way you avoid the PIN method and it also makes it so even if someone has physical access to the eero, they can't enable it as there is no hardware button on the router.  They would have to have admin access in the app.

    • RCK49
    • 4 mths ago
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    Wish I had seen this before purchasing eero and eero extender. Upgraded to fibre with eero and couldn't understand why my CCTV alarm emails, sonoff wifi switchers and aircon wifi app all stopped working. Eero customer support blamed the cctv manufacturers and not their equipment, after trying various things I came to the conclusion that it was the eero units causing the problem and this thread confirms it. I will not be recommending eero to any of my aquaitenances.

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