App support request - response should quote orig text

Good morning. I’ve submitted this request through formal channnels but here is it again just in case. 

I’ve submitted a few support requests through the eero app. When Support responded each time, however, they did not quote my original text, so I didn’t always know to which of my issues they were referring. This refers to help requests submitted through the APP only, not here in the forums  

Support has been responsive to requests, but that small addition would make things even greater :). 

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  • Hey  cotedan87 —

    We'll take a look into what is happening. Nonetheless, when the emails come back, they should at least have the subject line that corresponds with the issue you submitted.

      • cotedan87
      • Fan of tinkering with new hardware. Canadian dude.
      • cotedan87
      • 4 yrs ago
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      Jeff C. Hi Jeff, and thanks for the reply. Indeed it appears in the email subject line. My idea was just a suggestion for future development. In the subject line of one of submissions, for example, there was "Eero Plus email reports" which is somewhat descriptive, although it still begs for a bit more detail if the orig report doesn't appear. 

      Food for thought and as always, keep up the good work. I figure it must be difficult for your team at times to decipher our submissions especially if we don't provide screen caps or specifics. 


      • Jeff C.
      • eero Community Manager
      • Jeff_C
      • 4 yrs ago
      • Reported - view

      cotedan87 —

      For what it's worth, all the messaging comes into one flow based on the subject line so nothing will get lost on our side, but I appreciate the feedback and will be happy to have our team see what can be done.

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