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I'd like to have the ability to manage eero from a desktop.  The phone apps were well thought out, and work well.  However, having the ability to do this from my laptop/desktop would be very useful for me anyway.  Either browser or (for me) a Windows 10 UWP would be awesome!

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  • Added my vote to this. Very frustrating not having a desktop app or web-based access to my Eero system. I also don't like not being able to access the logs... 

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  • I just side loaded the app from my iPad to my Mac using M1. Presto! 🤣

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  • This SHOULD BE one of the FIRST things you guys should be working on. This is legit the only only company that doesn't offer this!!!! 

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  • Dear Eero: At the very least, for those with a M1 Mac running MacOs 11 could you allow your iOS app to install on an M1 machine.  Since this would be the iOS app running under MacOS there should be no security issues over and above managing the network on an iPhone and would require no/minimal work on your part.  

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  • My M1 Mac is supposed to be able to run IOS apps.  Why can't I use the Eero app on my desktop?  Is there some security reason or?  Not everyone wants to use their phones and tablets to access the Eero app.

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  • Again I agree. I feel like Eero is dragging there feet on this. They should allow M1 Mac users the ability to install iOS app on there machines to manage their network. Don’t know why this hasn’t already been done by now. Smh. 

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  • Well, how incredibly disappointing. I was so excited to get my new eero pro system set up. But no ability to manage from anything except my phone, web, or windows 10 APP, is definitely a deal-breaker. Thank goodness I saved my boxes. Returning and going back to a more manageable solution. I truly am disappointed that the NUMBER 1 feature request is being so blatantly ignored by the developer. Will get my $600 refund and take my money to a competitor. It really is a shame. The system was super easy to set up, it is definitely faster. But lack of controls for those of us who are smart enough to manage our own networks and lack of a viable management platform makes this a worthless device, at least to me. Too bad all those wonderful reviewers failed to mention these glaring limitations.

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  • This. We need this...

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  • Just want to register my vote for this. I am _this_ far from returning the product from the lack of a browser app.

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  • Adding my name to +1 for this. It is really hard to understand how this is still not planned. How many views and replies and votes are required for this to receive adequate attention?

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  • Probably an infinite number.  When I purchased my first Eero system the company was a small start-up with a personal touch and probably would have gotten round to doing it.  Now it is owned by Amazon.  I don't think they would pay attention to this issue unless they felt it would put them at competitive disadvantage to other mesh network makers.  It would take tens of thousands of complaints to even get on their radar screen.

  • Yeah, at this point it's just a pride issue to not "have plans" to add browser support as an option.  There are at least a few HUGE reasons to add it and everyone has already mentioned them in the current, 364 votes on this.

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