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I'd like to have the ability to manage eero from a desktop.  The phone apps were well thought out, and work well.  However, having the ability to do this from my laptop/desktop would be very useful for me anyway.  Either browser or (for me) a Windows 10 UWP would be awesome!

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  • Marc

    Showing continued interest always helps 😀  And I'll be sure to relay that back to our team.

    Should there be any update, I'll update this thread. Thanks again! 

    • Jeff C. - Just jumping in to the thread to show my continued interest :-) I've just spent a day moving the eeros out from behind a pfSense gateway to actually managing the connection, and re-entering all my static leases was painful.

      An iPad version of the management app could potentially go some way to fixing things, but ideally a desktop interface of some sort - especially if it had the ability to import/export things like reservations.

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      Jeff C. what about a Mac App for MacOS users? Those apps I believe are sandboxed like iOS and function the same way. 

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  • If anyone is following CES 2017, all the newest routers, mesh and non-mesh, from Linksys, DLink, and Asia, will only accessible to network admins via smartphone apps; no desktop UI's available to any of them. Netgear has a firmware update for the Orbi coming out in Spring 2017 removing its desktop UI and making it only smartphone app accessible too. 

    Thought the gang would be interested in this. 

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      Richard1864 Jeff C. To Richard's point, a standard approach to infrastructure in the mainstream marketplace is that management tools platforms are always deployed on at least one of the desktop OS's + a smartphone platform. While it's a 'nice to have' feature to check on my network when I get an alert from one of my IoT or other infrastructure devices, it would also be way more convenient to pop onto a desktop (onsite or offsite) without telling someone on the line to hold while I use my phone to manage things.

  • Richard1864 It's the current wave of the mesh fad with companies trying to jump into the market, make it as easy as possible to address the broader base. Once the market starts getting saturated, companies will need to really start to differentiate themselves.  My guess would be at least one may look to better accommodate the geeky crowd with more refined and granular controls around networking settings, scenarios and control.  That is something that'd be way too cumbersome with just a phone app. 

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  • Supposedly, Linksys, Asus, and Norton say they're providing that granularity in their apps with their new routers; I say wait and see when they release them. It's just interesting seeing them all do this. 

  • Marc Gosh that is terrible some are decided to even remove the ability to manage from a desktop. I get the desire to offer a mobile app but there are times when it is much easier to do things from a web browser on a computer.

  • Richard1864

    That is unfortunate.

    Back in November, I picked up a 5 cam Arlo Pro system. 

    Arlo's responsive website is just as slick as the native iOS Mobile app and as far as I can tell it's feature-for-feature the same. 

    When I saw it, it became my new personal "gold standard" of an ecosystem -- hardware / web / mobile.

    Eero could probably do something very similar.    

  • Jeff C.   I got this from customer support - Hi Steve, Thanks for the feedback! We are always working hard to make eero better. I will happily pass your suggestion along to our team for their consideration.  We do have plans in the works for both additional ways to access the eeros ...  Can you amplify on this?

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  • NicevilleSteve --

    At this time, there are no plans for desktop support and such an interface isn't currently in development.

    With that said, we are always gauging current interest and while something isn't currently planned, it doesn't mean the door is completely closed. Just at this time, our resources are dedicated on other projects. Should that ever change, this thread will be updated.

    I apologize for any confusion.

  • Agree with the sentiments that the form factor is not the secure or insecure aspect.  Each platform has pro & cons and supporting more configurations create more variations to be concerned about.  

    Here is a way to get it to your desktop via an Android App.  This worked for me.  

    Link to original information

    Required material:

    • Android device
    • Chrome browser

    Required software

    Instructions Android

    • Install ARChon packager on Android Device and save eero APK package.  No parameter selections are needed
    • Transfer it to PC
    • Save in a safe location on PC. 

    Instructions Chrome (Windows)

    • Open Chrome
    • Go to Settings
      • Choose Extensions (upper Left)
      • Choose Developer Mode (Upper Right) Would suggest turning this off if not using plug in.
      • Choose Load Unpacked Extension
        • Install Chrome plug in
          • If you are unsure of your version download both.  Only one can be installed at a time but they install over each other.
        • Install Eero APK package
    • From the Eero plug in Click Launch
    • If you go to details you can create a desktop shortcut
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    I have fat fingers Also your font is thin, light grey on white, and really  small.  


    It could only work over the LAN


    It could just be a straight port from the iphone


    I fully support your product and have loved it from the get go but this is ridiculous. Doing ALL of my advanced networking like IP assignments and port ffwding, etc... through. a screen the size of credit card seems crazy. Take a moment and look at your app on a iPhone6 and tell me your bylines are easy to read.  they are 1-2mm tall at best.


    If you are " gauging current interest " here it is. Tell me whom else I have to contact and I will.



  • Echoing my support for a desktop application for Mac and PC!

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  • Hey saw you updated the app. looks very informative. 

    Now that you're done with that how about the desktop app?


  • I also would like a web interface to assist in trouble shooting. I have been using Universal Devices ISY (Home Automation Hub). After updating to the eero, I can not log into my ISY or receive notifications from it. The people from Universal Devices can not log into my system and assist me in setting up my modem.

    Please reconsider coming up with a web interface, or program that would run on a PC.

    Thank you.

  • Have you tried resetting your ISY to factory defaults as per their online troubleshooting instructions for what to do after changing your ISP/router?


  • I followed those instructions again this morning, and now noting to hold the button for a full 30 seconds.  Now everything seems to be working as it should. Thank you for your time. 

  • PageRR you're welcome!  I'm glad I could help!  :)

  • Jeff C. I just bought the Eero and if I had known this I would not have purchased this product. Unacceptable that I have to deal with my tiny phone screen to manage my network. Rediculous!!!

  • How about a desktop app? still waiting.

  • bsewell The Desktop is non grata with these folks. They have no intentions of building out a desktop app from what I see, even though it'd be resource light effort. 

  • Marc I also discovered that they don't have Dynamic DNS and don't support OpenVPN. I've already returned my 3 unit setup and the Netgear Orbi is on its way.

  • bsewell good for you, sometimes speaking with your wallet is the only way to get hard headed companies to listen. Unfortunately, I bought in early on before the mesh craze started really picking up (one of the risks of being an early adopter).  I'm still having issues that they haven't been able to address, as well as the lack of continued innovation, I'm keeping my options opened.

  • Just another bid for eero dashboard on the desktop (OSX) is that I am a multi-tasker. I am on my cell phone while doing plenty of other tasks on a desktop. BTW, those tasks may also include discussing my eero network's issues while trying to view its stats (hard to do while the cell phone is on your shoulder / ear.)

  • Yet another vote for a desktop (specifically macOS in my case) or web admin interface. I end up doing most network troubleshooting with a computer in front of me, and as a previous poster noted often with my phone up to my ear.

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  • Another vote for a web UI. Or a Windows/Mac Store App that is native to the specific OS.

  • I just set up the second generation Eero, and it's great!  We have a three-story house, 6500 square feet, and I don't even need the third Eero unit to cover the house extremely well.  BUT, it would be nice to have an app for my desktop.  I don't understand why this is such a problem?!?

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