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I'd like to have the ability to manage eero from a desktop.  The phone apps were well thought out, and work well.  However, having the ability to do this from my laptop/desktop would be very useful for me anyway.  Either browser or (for me) a Windows 10 UWP would be awesome!

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  • +100, joe. vansteen .

    I feel compelled to ask, even though I am certain the eero personnel that review this board do not have the information to respond: 

    Of all things about which to be militant, why is there such resistance about a desktop or web-based administration console/app?  I find it peculiar that there is such intransigence about this feature.  Seems illogical.

  • The other one is per-client internet data/traffic statistics...anyone that has a data cap deals with this one on a daily basis. Kind of goes hand-in-hand with a web-based local admin GUI. Part of the monitoring and control that one needs when things don't go exactly as expected or hoped.

  • Adding another vote for management via diesktop -- browser or native app.  Seems totally ridiculous that I have to use my phone to manage the router.  With Sonic here in California pushing the eero line, there will a lot more users buying them and many will want to access their router via a web browser.

    1) Who wants to look at a tiny screen when managing a router?

    2) I'd really like to perform the built-in speed test between my hard-wired laptop and the Eero.  There is no way to do this currently.

    3) As others have pointed out, using the same medium (wi-fi) to troubleshoot wi-fi related issues sometimes makes it impossible.  Ever try to troubleshoot a phone issue via telephone tech support?  The first thing they do is tell you to call back using a different phone.

    4) Not everyone has a smartphone, believe it or not.

    C'mon eero, please stop making excuses and instead put your energy into a simple web interface.

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  • Have it in no uncertain terms "we're never going to do that" from an eero developer that frequently posts in reddit.

    So forget it. Move on.

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      MrDoh Before posting definitive replies, like you did , i would recommend looking at Amazon’s working backwards methodology. Eero is now Amazon. At the core of that approach is listening to customers and developing functions based on the ask . This is very different than making a decision based on internal evaluations and throwing it over to marketing departments to sell...

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  • Another vote for a windows interface. Though the phone app works well, I find myself in the situation, that one of my phones must be sent back to the manufacture for repairs. This is going to take, in all probability several weeks, so should my other phone give up the ghost for some reason, I would have no interface at all.  As far as security, it can be built in, though it would take some development time to do so at a robust level.

  • A windows interface    PLEASE

  • Another vote for this. It seems odd that so many people have to ask for it and nothing happens.

  • Another vote for browser-based admin access. It is such a basic assumption for a "pro" product. Why have 'pro' in the name if it's squarely targeted at non-technical consumers? This is such a basic requirement, I didn't even think to ask when purchasing. I would not have bought it had I known...and in fact, I might be returning it because of this.

  • I would like to add MY voice as well - I use apps on my 'droid but I"m not an app fan as I spend most of my day at my PC. PC management app would not bee very difficult to port over. Either for PC or Linux...

  • Hi,

    Following up here, with added features and updates being rolled out more regularly; is there a plan yet in place to add desktop functionality? Either through web browser or UWP/Mac?

    I'm surprised there has been no renewed interest from your team to revisit this feature, let alone respond to the people who have signed up for your community forum.

    As a brand new customer, I hope this 'ghosting' is not indicative of how your support/contact/chat systems operate.

  • Add another vote for a Mac app interface, please.  100% prefer to perform administrative activities on a large screen with a keyboard.

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