Feature Request: Disable automatic daily speed tests

I have an Eero on my 1gbps/1gbps fiber. Daily speed test eats around 1-2 GB every day. 

Would be nice if there was a way to disable it.

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  • Please read to end to fix....disable speed test. I am in IT, but didn't want something too complicated. Tried and loved the Eero. I knew some things would be limited being a residential device. But it had the distance, speed, mesh, simple to use. Had the family, friends, etc buy in to it too. I had the Secure basic (didn't need the VPN, Malwarebytes, etc.) subscription for $29/yr. to block ads, bad sites, etc. Then corporate greed (Amazon) stepped in. Now only $99/yr. for everything you can't choose anything else.

    Looking for alternative found NextDNS to do same thing for $20/yr. But in my investigation, open my eyes to the limitations of Eero. Things that are locked down, can't change, or see. Can't monitor each device, just get an overall up/down. You can see blocked items but nothing in detail. Oh, check the logs you say? Even my old Linksys, Netgear, D-Link you could do that, not Eero! You have to call them and stay on the phone with customer service for THEM to check YOUR logs - wth? Enough!

    Had PiSense and PiHole in the past. You have to know what your doing, install in virtual machine or separate Pi or old PC, more pain in the butt than it's worth. Needed something in the middle.

    Went out and bought Firewalla Purple ($350ish) it's a little pricey but you have full control with ease of app.

    And finally, how to block the automatic (can't turn off and have not fixed in 5yrs) speed test.

    After installing Firewalla Purple, put Eero in bridge mode. Then it runs a speed test (one last time) and now I can see it, monitor it, and finally BLOCK it. 850MB every day...gone! See screenshots (blocking already hence the unblock).

    I also noticed LOTS more stuff. For example how much my "smart" Samsung fridge talks to Samsung. It's a fridge, how much info do you need to send? Goes to find out little, but 62,800 times a day! Not joking about it! I started blocking it 24hrs ago. Check screenshot (Tizen is network adapter for Samsung). Why not turn off Wifi on it, it has a "tablet" screen built in :( and like the weather, time, and other useful stuff. So allow download, block upload. 

    Sorry so long but hope it helps.

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