Feature Request: Disable automatic daily speed tests

I have an Eero on my 1gbps/1gbps fiber. Daily speed test eats around 1-2 GB every day. 

Would be nice if there was a way to disable it.

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  • Hi  nicorusti

    Thanks for writing in and for your feature request. 

    I'm happy to share this with our team, however, 1-2 GB in data for speed test results sounds pretty high. The eero app will only run an automated speed test once a day—would you mind sharing a bit more with us in where the 1-2 GB in data being used is coming from? We'd be happy to take a look as that sounds unusually high for a single test.

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      • Htc4668
      • Htc4668
      • 2 mths ago
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      Jeff C. , can the Community get an update on where this is sitting in the consideration process? This has got to be an easy flip-of-the-switch deal, right? 

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  • Thanks for your quick reply! I have a symmetrical gigabit connection. This means that speed test uses up to 120MB of data for each second test is running (for each up and download). Since test runs for some tens of seconds, it easily uses 1 or 2GB. A test on speedtest.net uses a similar volume of data.

    Some reasons to allow people to turn daily test off:

    • Whoever has >100Mbit/s broadband doesn't really see a difference. You don't care if your speed  today is 350 or 750 Mbit/s. It doesn't change anything even for a bandwidth-hungry user. 
    • Throughput to Eero servers varies a lot with routing and congestion.  Sometimes i get 800Mbit/s, sometimes 120.  
    • Test runs daily, but you don't really open Eero app every day to check results.
    • People with a data cap wouldn't be happy to waste  some GBs each month this way 
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  • Thanks for providing the insight to your use case,  nicorusti 👍

    I'm happy to provide it to our team. I'll be sure to update this thread should there be any updates regarding this request.

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  • Thanks!

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  • +1 on this. I have a data cap, and last month I went over my cap and had to pay extra. I have never surpassed my data cap and monitor my usage closely. But lo and behold, the EERO system does it automatically for some stupid reason, which added 50M x 31 to my cap. I only went over by 75MB. 

    Please allow users to disable the daily bandwidth speed tests. I don't need this to run daily in the background. I only want this to run when I actually want this to run. 

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      • scalder
      • scalder
      • 1 yr ago
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      Ryanjeero I have my Eero on a WiMax 4g connection of Project Fi and Fi said I've used almost 13 Gb on my daily speed testing.

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      • Htc4668
      • Htc4668
      • 3 mths ago
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      +1 on this idea


      I monitor our bandwidth very closely and see us over our cap, which is usually quite stable month to month. I don't have a ballpark of consumption but would hazard an extra 50gb a month on the low end.Ryanjeero 

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  • Another +1 for this.  I have a 300GB limit and found that in December when I implemented Eero that my traffic usage for the month was ~200GB.  No one was present during the period so the only things connected to the network was the Eero units themselves, a thermostat and a smoke detector.  

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  • Any updates on this as it's been ~1 year since this was under consideration. I'd really like a way to disable it as most ISP's have a data limit now and the information does not help me unless I'm trying to troubleshoot my connection if issue(s) arise.

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  • Hi there, 


    Just bought the Eero wifi pro dual pro system and love it so far. Looks like my speed test has run twice tonight already within the span of 2 hours. I want to make sure I don't go over the data cap either. Any news on this by chance? 

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  • I'm interested in the option of turning this off as well or at least changing it to happen during the night.  i work from home and the automatic tests happens at 11:47am everyday and locks up my pc, freezes my VPN connection, etc. and creates more drama than needed.  

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  • add me to the people wanting this. Can’t believe there is no ability to disable this or limit it to a couple times per month

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  • Please add me to this request.  I absolute love everything about my eero network. However since I have a Data cap from Comcast I would very much like to be able to turn off the automatic daily speed test.   Please update.  Thanks!

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  • I see this has been two years and no update or reply.  Could we get the requested update to disable the daily speed test?

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  • +1 to toggle bandwidth checking.


    At my vacation home in the Sierra's we do not have cable/DSL/fiber available. We use Eero via an LTE ethernet modem (Netgear LB1120) to keep an eye on the wifi thermostat, and webcam to see if the snowplow service has cleared the driveway.

    This feature chows through expensive LTE data. Yes, I agree most phone data plans are unlimited, but pure hotspot plans are not.

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  •  I love my Eero but I hate the automatic daily speed test. We have a second home in the mountains, and we use the Eero to deal with thermostats and cameras.  We have internet through a 4G LTE hotspot, and the speed test eats up over half of our cap. 

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  • Eero, this is a +1 request again. This thread is important in our world of data caps.

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