Feature Request: Share Account Access

I purchased Eero for several family members over the holidays and have already set up a few of them. 

One problem has come up consistently. I want my family members to get into the habit of checking the Eero app if they have an issue with their internet service, so I've been setting up the Eero network on their own device & using their email/phone number. 

The problem is, this configuration prevents me from remotely monitoring their network and assisting with troubleshooting. The alternative would be for me to setup their devices as a new network on my account, but then they'd get confused by seeing all my networks when they log-in to my account. 

I'd imagine the answer here would be some type of feature that would allow you to "share/invite" a network with a family member/friend.

For additional context, here's how I have things set up today: 

Eero Beta App (2 networks) 

  • Network 1: 1 eero in my condo in SF 
  • Network 2: 4 eero units for my HOA in SF (common areas/security cameras) 

Eero Production App (1 network) -- logged in through my mom's account 

  • Network 3: 2 eeros at my parent's house in LA area 

Other Networks (no current ability to administer) 

  • Network 4: 1 eero at my mother-in-law's house 
  • Network 5: 1 eero at my uncle's condo 
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  • Hi  maggioant

    Thanks for sharing your idea with the eero community!

    The ability to add admins to a network is something we've heard in the past, and we are continuing to look into ways to implement it into the app. Hearing your specific use case is a great example the types of scenarios in which this feature is needed, and I'll be sure to relay it to the appropriate member of our team.

    Thanks again!

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  • Completely agree with the use case.  I have installed multiple networks, and have been asked to 'remotely' support or check on stuff which is tough after the initial setup.  I like the invite/share concept.

  • I would love this feature to help my parents troubleshoot. 

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