Feature Request: Profile Improvements

I would love to see the concept of "Family Profiles" eero introduced several months ago evolve to a more generic "Profiles". I have several use cases where I'd like to create a specific type of profile that might have different behaviors. Almost all would be traffic shaping, in some cases allowing all devices in a profile to share a defined maximum upload and download, in other cases defining a per-client maximum up/down. I'd also love the ability to schedule the affects of these profiles. Example use cases below


  • Bandwidth Restriction Profiles
    • A profile for "Smart Home" devices with limited download bandwidth, and very limited upload bandwidth that applies to the entire profile
    • A profile for home servers with scheduled limited download and upload
    • Guest network devices associate to a profile that limits download and upload BW on a per-client basis (as opposed to profile aggregate basis in Smart Home use case)
  • Time Restriction
    • Put kids devices into a time restricted profile as feature currently exists
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  • I would strongly second the time restriction for kids.  

    One of the main reasons I like Luma over Eero is that Luma allows you to set absolute time limits (not just time of day limits) on device use. We're constantly monitoring our kids screen time, and I don't think we're alone in that. Having a system where you can just tell Johnny - you've got 1 hour per day of your device use - and then the internet cuts out, would be super useful. As I said, Luma has this, but when I set up Eero yesterday, I was surprised to see that it didn't! I had gone with Eero over Luma based on the fact that various friends I had talked to said it provided better coverage, and the fact that I understood it to have identical family controls. Alas....

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  • That's a different use case than i'd mentioned, but we all parent differently. Regardless, eero profiles need to be more flexible.

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  • Yeah the time restriction for kids is what I would like as well.  Its a start having times predetermined to pause the internet access, but would be advantageous to set limits on total time for Internet access.  This way as a parent I don't have to monitor and keep a mental log of how long my kids have been You Tube surfing or whatever.  Just have the device paused once it has accumulated so much time accessing Internet or data limit for the day.

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  • I too have Luma and Eero setups. I tend to favor Eero more because the coverage is better (now that I removed the 4th Eero) and the app is more refined in my opinion; but Luma has a number of features that I wish Eero would borrow. The big one is time limits as mentioned by mmckerle .

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  • Please enhance profiles to allow for device specific schedules and multiple schedules per day. We have a special needs son and need to control his access to keep him on track. He uses a Mac, iPad and iPhone and we would love to control his access by device with multiple schedules per day.

    Thank you!

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  • Thank your for your feedback,  motif88 — I totally understand the use case, and I'm more than happy to pass it along to our team for consideration.

    While this isn't a fix, a solution I can recommend for now is creating a different profile for each device (or grouping some that would share a schedule). This way, each device can follow a specific schedule or you can manually pause those devices.

    As for multiple schedules, you can add more schedules for a specific profile by tapping the "+" in the top right corner of the Schedules screen. To get there, go into a profile and tap the schedules section (it'll be the first option with a calendar icon). From there, you should see an option in the top right to add any additional schedules for that specific profile.

    I do hope that helps, but again, happy to pass along this specific feedback for our team.

  • I am a K-12 CTO and have a lot of experience with filtering in a school environment. I am sorely disappointed in Eero's profiles - I expected a lot more, and still may return the Eero to try Luma. 

    Parents need:

    -a number of hours per day setting for kids;

     - the ability to approve or block certain categories of sites. For example, my kids' laptops should be allowed to do updates or online backups even when the kids aren't on them; 

    - at a bare minimum, a log of the sites each device IS going to. 

    I was really looking for a mesh system that also had features similar to Disney Circle  the Circle can be unplugged and bypassed easily, so integrating an awesome filter into WiFi would be much more reliable for parents. As it stands now, I'm looking at using Eero+Circle+OpenDNS = waaayyy too  complex.



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  • altonPM I had Luma and liked it. My main reason for trying eero is the app had much more insight on the device side (what node is attached, manual port forwarding, etc). Though, they are equally matched. I did find that Lumas handle handoffs between nodes much better, but the eero seemed to have better through put. 

    The parental controls, while not all the super intuitive on Luma, are FAR superior. Eero is odd in that a mobile phone gets a "no internet" signal from the eero WiFi meaning the cell phones by-pass the WiFi and simply use the cell connection. That is horrible! On Luma, splash pages occur so the device still has internet, is still accessible on LAN, but no internet. I prefer that much more and think it is great.

    Eero is better hardware, Luma is better software and support.

    I still can't get over the lack of NAT redirection on these eeros, so I may be a little too negative on eero, but I tried to be as impartial as possible.

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  • altonPM I have also had to use the Eero+Circle solution. My suggestion for the unplugging possibility... hide it better.  Circle connects with Wifi only.  Hollow out one of their school text books and stick it in there.  That's the last place they'll look.😂

  • 4plGuy Thank you, but after giving Circle another try ... there is just so much I don't like about it.

  • altonPM - Then may I ask, what was your final solution for controlling the children's access to the internet?

  • 4plGuy I don't have one yet - I really have not been able to find anything that is ideal. I did stay with Eero for the reasons Konolua suggested, and I'm happy with it from the wireless management perspective. For example, we have a Verizon Wireless Extender because there is no signal in our remote location, and Eero Support was able to help us forward the ports that device needed.

    I do feel like they are misrepresenting the parental controls in their advertising and I think the market is still waiting for an ideal mesh wireless system with parental controls.

    My kids are 11 & 13 -

  • altonPM - I agree with your comments.  I am bummed that I do still need circle, but it seems to be the best thing going for now.  My kids ages are similar.

    Being a project manager, I spend my day directing application development and creating stories to solve user problems.  I probably created 2 dozen for eero while setting up my system yesterday.  I have to admit though, it was drop dead simple to implement and that was my goto reason for buying them.

    Jeff C. - Hey Jeff, maybe eero could hire me as an off-site consultant and I'll create formal write-ups on all the suggestions I'd like to have implemented and provide cost estimates and prioritize them for you :)  Just goofing.  I could though!  Eventually I'll put them all in for free anyway.

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  • I would like to add an improvement to have a “default” profile that all new devices are automatically assigned to, and the ability to configure the default profile’s behavior.

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      • Dewroc
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      Redking I second this!!!  Profiles are nice, but all the power of the profile functionality is crippled because it has to be constantly managed as new devices come onboard. Give us option to assign a default profile. Then we can reallocate when the default isn't sufficient. 

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