Feature Request: support more than one non-guest SSID

With more IoT devices in the home, security is becoming a huge concern with the attacks that are possible. 

 I'd like to see eero support more than one non guest SSID so I can isolate my IOT devices away from other sensitive devices like laptops and servers. 

I could use the guest SSID that's currently available but I want to not have guest devices be able to interact with those devices  

One way is to just add another SSID option, in addition to the one that's possible already. However I'd love to see eero adopt Google wifi's approach which seems to be really unique. 

Google allows a second SSID (call is SSID2), but all devices on it can be access from SSID1 (but not the other way around). This is crucial to not break scenarios where these IoT devices need you to have access to them but don't want to have hassle of switching wifi networks. 

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  • I agree with everything that everyone wrote here. This feature is by far my #1 request for eero. Even if it's just a single SSID (though I'd love to have multiple for IOT reasons).


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  • Yes please!


    this would be fantastic. I would literally not leave my clients the choice of router anymore and just install Eeros in all houses 

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  • Oh my goodness! Please Support this! This would be so useful!

  • What's the maximum number of SSIDs on an Eero mesh?

    I'm really hoping to get 2 main SSID & maybe a guest SSID. I want my guests be able to control the TVs with the Samsung app. 

    With my current router (netgear) it works great on the main Wifi network, but I don't know why, on the guest network nothing ever works: the samsung iPhone app never finds the TV.
    Debating getting the Eero or the Google Wifi

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      • Emily
      • Emily
      • 9 mths ago
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      googlehome_or_eero 2 main and 1 guest would be the perfect setup for me as well

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  • Any update on this feature request?  I have multiple IoT devices that I would like to move off my primary network.

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  • I would also like to see an update on this. I am currently running an "IoT" family group on my main network with Eero+ turned on. Between switches, bulbs, sensors, and cameras, I have 38 devices on it and that is only going to grow. I'd love for this to have a built in solution.

  • Can we please make this happen?

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  • After buying this and not being able to do this thinking about returning. This is a fundamental requirement for any quality system. 

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  • I recently purchased eero on Prime Day and after looking it them bit closer I am very disappointed that this must have option is not available. I will most likely be returning them unless this feature is added shortly. This is a must have with today's environment. 

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      • txgunlover
      • txgunlover
      • 8 mths ago
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      tiplodi It's probably not coming anytime soon.  I could be wrong, but doubtful.

  • I’ve been putting all my IOT/smart devices and iPads and mobile devices on the guest network, not knowing that the guest network does isolation of each device. All the IOT devices still work presumably because I’m doing a round trip to external servers. IOT devices that work are thermostats, air filters, cameras, robotic vacuums, air sensors, doorbells, etc. Recently I’ve tried setting up wireless speakers on the guest network, but they don’t work (KEF LSX and Sonos) unless set up on the main network. The solution offered by Google WiFi sounds perfect, a second SSID that the main SSID can access. But even a totally separate second SSID would work for me. Are there any updates on this?

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  • Maybe 2 years ago this wasn't a big deal... but this is clearly something the competition has over Eero, and should definitely be prioritized. Had I known how "connected" my home would be when I purchased my Eero, I would have gone with another product.

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  • My Big Ass Fans/Haiku Home fans (which you advertise on your site! https://blog.eero.com/good-wifi-eero-smart-fan-haiku-whats-not-like/) don't work properly on eero's guest network. The app can't see the fans.

    Please allow an IoT SSID where the devices can see each other and can be discovered by Bonjour, and can be seen from the main network.

  • I wholeheartedly support this enhancement request! Purely from a cybersecurity best practices perspective, running your connected IoT devices on a non-guest separate SSID (without setting up an additional set of eeros) would be ideal.

  • When will this feature be supported?  This is a basic feature that all other mesh networks have and offer.

  • I would love this feature as well. I'm setting up my new eero system right now. And was investigating to see if I could set up a second SSID for my iot devices. Which it's looking like is not possible. Very disappointing.

  • Note that there a valid use cases for this beyond isolating smart home devices (thanks for supporting HomeKit's solution to that problem, by the way!). For those of us working from home (which is now certainly many of us), the National Cyber Security Alliance has the following recommendation:

    "Separate your network so your company devices are on their own WiFi network, and your personal devices are on their own."

    source: https://staysafeonline.org/press-release/ncsa-encourages-coronavirus-vigilance/

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  • Work devices are on VPN. So I think that's not a problem.

  • This is a feature I continue to wish for.  With as many smart home devices as I have, it would be extremely useful and important to be able to isolate these less secure devices to their own network segment.  It would provide another layer of security for breeches into more important and personal devices like desktops, laptops and phones, etc.

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