Feature Request: support more than one non-guest SSID

With more IoT devices in the home, security is becoming a huge concern with the attacks that are possible. 

 I'd like to see eero support more than one non guest SSID so I can isolate my IOT devices away from other sensitive devices like laptops and servers. 

I could use the guest SSID that's currently available but I want to not have guest devices be able to interact with those devices  

One way is to just add another SSID option, in addition to the one that's possible already. However I'd love to see eero adopt Google wifi's approach which seems to be really unique. 

Google allows a second SSID (call is SSID2), but all devices on it can be access from SSID1 (but not the other way around). This is crucial to not break scenarios where these IoT devices need you to have access to them but don't want to have hassle of switching wifi networks. 

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  • Also, even better if the SSIDs also supported VLAN so those of us that use eero in bridge mode, can segregate traffic with a separate router. 

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  • Concur.


    request Multiple SSID and VLAN assignments for each to allow separation and filtering of Guest / Family / IOT / Main Network.

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  • I would like to see the ssid2 feature as well.  With several ip cameras,  weather station, streaming devices/TV, etc... it would be nice to keep them from being visible to my computers but still able to access from the computer. 

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  • Thanks for sharing this feature request,  tmchow 😀

    It is great to see others already chiming in.

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  • Another +1 to this

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  • +1!

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  • +1 on this. 


    I have not purchased EEROs yet and was researching whether multiple SSIDs were possible. With more and more IoT, streaming devices and sophisticated attacks, it would be great to be able to segment traffic, especially for regular WiFi users that would be super easy to setup. As an advanced network user, I could implement this using a separate switch, but isn't it the point of EERO to be an extremely easy to use solution.


    As I have not read the manual, I don't know if this is also able to restrict traffic as an advanced firewall would be able to do, such as only permit http, https, dns, etc...


    For me, this would be a slam dunk to purchase this product. For now, I will wait to see what develops in the market.

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  • Can I add ++++++++10000 to this.    I believe this would totally take this to the next level.    In my current house, we use well over 100 IP address, and sometimes more.     my IoT devices:  Nest, Nest Protect, Nest Cams, Ring, August, WeMo...   are 20... then get to Alexa, Garage Door, VoIP...   and growing...    While we are not the majority of users out there, we are going to be a growing number.   Having a 2nd SSID that can be on a second subnet.   So that it can get it's own range of internal IPs, as compared to Phones, Tablets, TV's, Gameing systems... will allow us the flexibility to isolate, and QoS in bulk.

    It maybe us geeks right now, but each year... more and more devices (like Refrigerator, Stove, Washing Machine) want a WiFi connection...        Since we are probably a generation or more away from getting rid of IPv4, and going to full IPv6 support... we have to do what we can.     

    I personally wire my eero's together, as I designed my house that way 15 years ago... I know I am exception.  If I have to by a bridge device, or even replace the eeros with new hardware... Okay... I can do that... but I don't want to have to install an entire second Mesh-Wireless system.

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  • + 1 on this topic for all the reason mentioned already.  With the price point and functionality as is - this would be a value add for existing customer that want more out of eero products.  All we are looking for is separate SSID that affords its own broadcast domain (subnet) - we can leave the routing to an external device so its easier on the feature request.  

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  • Need to bump this again...    As I ad another 10 or so devices, since September till year end...   My network is soon going to really need two secure SSID's, where I can have two subnets.   I REALLY don't want to introduce another set of beacons/hardware, as one of my desires for going with eero and mesh, so I can reduce my radio frequency noise for my home and neighborhood.  (I can see almost 20 different WiFi networks here in my home, it is getting very noisy)

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  • I have two ISP connections, one DSL and the second Satellite.  I use a Cisco 1811 router to manage device connections and vlans in my home network.  I have 4 euro devices located throughout the house.  I subscribe to eero plus for additional protection.  I would love it if my euro network could support two VLANS with separate SSID's so that I could assign clients to the ISP I want them to use.  Really would love to see this feature added to a great system!

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  • +1

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  • Jeff C. This seems like a feature that it very highly desired by your user population.  Could we get an update on whether this is planned for a future release? I'm certainly highly interested in it (to the point of considering a jump to Google WiFi instead).

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  • Any updates here? 😿

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  • I signed up for the forums just to bump this topic.  I'm switching to an Eero system very shorty (already own the hardware) and agree with tmchow that this feature would be extremely welcome.

    It seems like I read about smart devices being hacked every day now, or older smart products that were abandoned from a support stand point and are now susceptible from a security stand point.  For a while I told myself when I set up my Eero's I was going to put all my smart devices on Eero's guest network.  I didn't feel like it was ideal because actual guests would also be using that network, but I figured it would be better than having possible insecure devices on the same network as my computers.

    I never thought about tmchow's other point about having to switch networks to control these devices. That would be a major hassle and something I never considered.  The way tmchow describes how Google handles it seems great, with a secondary SSID that separates the networks but that the primary SSID can interact with but not vice versa, keeping your primary devices secure from possible insecure smart devices, but keeping everything manageable from the phone apps without having to switch networks. If not Google's way I'm sure the Eero engineers can figure out something that keeps the general functionality and security of Google's implantation of this idea.

    I see this is still "under consideration" and I'm just hoping it gets approval.

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  • Time for me to add again... since my first reply about 8 months ago, I have added another 30 devices in my home.   From Alexa's, to smart switches, to montiors, to additional cameras.      

    I am now officially using over 130 IP address, on a daily basis in our house.
    Yes I am not the norm, for a home use... but none the less....

    I simply do NOT want to have to spend another 500-600 to add another mesh-network for the home automation devices, vs the other devices.         If this isn't technically feasible with the eero hardware that we have today, just tell us.     and be up-front about it.     eero is a FANTASTIC product, but I can't any longer favor telling people to spend the high cost on it... if I know they are using numerous devices.

    Even an AVERAGE house today, would benefit from two SSID's, or an ability to split to two subnets using the same SSID.

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  • I was a little disappointed to see this wasn't already a feature. With all the thermostats, garage door openers, energy bridges and the like showing up on my network these days, it would be great to be able to segregate them and control the connections from inside as well as external connections to these devices.

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  • Another request for this capability.  Please help us manage our home networks better.

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