Feature Request: support more than one non-guest SSID

With more IoT devices in the home, security is becoming a huge concern with the attacks that are possible. 

 I'd like to see eero support more than one non guest SSID so I can isolate my IOT devices away from other sensitive devices like laptops and servers. 

I could use the guest SSID that's currently available but I want to not have guest devices be able to interact with those devices  

One way is to just add another SSID option, in addition to the one that's possible already. However I'd love to see eero adopt Google wifi's approach which seems to be really unique. 

Google allows a second SSID (call is SSID2), but all devices on it can be access from SSID1 (but not the other way around). This is crucial to not break scenarios where these IoT devices need you to have access to them but don't want to have hassle of switching wifi networks. 

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  • Also, even better if the SSIDs also supported VLAN so those of us that use eero in bridge mode, can segregate traffic with a separate router. 

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  • Concur.


    request Multiple SSID and VLAN assignments for each to allow separation and filtering of Guest / Family / IOT / Main Network.

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  • I would like to see the ssid2 feature as well.  With several ip cameras,  weather station, streaming devices/TV, etc... it would be nice to keep them from being visible to my computers but still able to access from the computer. 

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  • Thanks for sharing this feature request,  tmchow 😀

    It is great to see others already chiming in.

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  • Another +1 to this

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  • +1!

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  • +1 on this. 


    I have not purchased EEROs yet and was researching whether multiple SSIDs were possible. With more and more IoT, streaming devices and sophisticated attacks, it would be great to be able to segment traffic, especially for regular WiFi users that would be super easy to setup. As an advanced network user, I could implement this using a separate switch, but isn't it the point of EERO to be an extremely easy to use solution.


    As I have not read the manual, I don't know if this is also able to restrict traffic as an advanced firewall would be able to do, such as only permit http, https, dns, etc...


    For me, this would be a slam dunk to purchase this product. For now, I will wait to see what develops in the market.

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