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If my eero is having trouble connecting to the internet, I'm unable to administer it, even if I am connect to its local network. This can be especially problematic if the eero's settings are what is preventing it from reaching the internet, e.g., when custom DNS settings prevented me from performing the self-registration of a new cable modem (which relied on using the cable provider's DNS servers).


If the eero app allowed me to administer the base stations on the local network, I could make the necessary changes to restore internet access without needing to perform a reset.

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    • meg0m
    • 6 yrs ago
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    I have many devices running internally. Being able to manage the lan when internet access goes down is critically important for my situation. Hope this gets on active dev asap.



    • rdecastro
    • 6 yrs ago
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    +1 even the ability to view logging would be helpful.

    • Snorange
    • 6 yrs ago
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    +1. Falling back to local control when internet goes down is key. Not being able to print because my ISP is having issues after a power outage is, for example, annoying.

    • jconkling01
    • 3 yrs ago
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    The inability to administer the network via a LAN connected PC when Internet drops, have access to logs, and be able to choose a time when the Eero should update (instead of updating in the middle of our family watching a movie, and it restarting the network at the worst possible time during the movie) is hilarious for a "Pro" setup. 

    Premium pricing, with a subscription to top it off, with no ability to really administer it outside of the app that barely tells you anything, and losing "features" if you choose to use your own trusted DNS - come on Eero....really, you call this "Pro"?!

    • kevin_howe085
    • 1 yr ago
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    I just ran into an issue where my new ISP told me to change my ISP settings to use PPPoE.  I did that and then another tech told me my slow speeds were due to PPPoE and I needed to change it to DHCP.

    I changed it to DHCP but then it wouldn't connect to the internet.  I tried to change it back to PPPoE, there was a warning on the page that said I couldn't change the ISP settings because I wasn't connected to the internet.

    After going back and forth with the ISP, they found and fixed an issue on their end. They told me to set the router to DHCP, reboot everything and it should be fine.  When the router and modem came back up, they found that the router was requesting and dropping IP addresses via PPPoE every 15-30 seconds.  My App said it was in DHCP mode, and I couldn't toggle the setting because I wasn't connected to the internet. I even tried putting the ISP router between the modem and the Eero so that it could get internet... but it wasn't connecting at all (probably because it wasn't requesting a DHCP address)

    After going back and forth with the ISP I found out even though the app was saying it was in DHCP mode, the ISP was seeing the router requesting IP addresses with the PPPoE username.  I called eero and they said my router was in DHCP mode, and so did my app.

    After dealing with multiple extremely rude Eero customer services reps, they started trying to point at my IP address reservations as the issue.  I explained the whole situation to multiple reps multiple times.  They pretty much ignored me and just had me do the normal steps of rebooting.  At one point they told me to reboot and wait for the blinking blue light... even though I had a network setup already and knew it would go from blinking white to red. Which it did. When I questioned their instructions (as it was wasting my time) they kept saying "Do you want assistance?".  In the end, they had no way to resolve the issue because there was no internet and they told my my only option was to delete my network and hard reset the devices.

    I told them that this isn't acceptable and this system is fundamentally flawed. We need a way to manage our router when it doesn't have internet. It doesn't have to be a web page, but it CANNOT require the internet.  The response I got from them was "I can provide your feedback, but we aren't going to change our design over this."

    Eero. You design is fundamentally flawed.  Remote management is a very nice feature, but it CANNOT come at the expense of LOCAL management. It isn't a new feature and this is the only router I have EVER owned that doesn't have it.

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