Feature Request: Local Administration

If my eero is having trouble connecting to the internet, I'm unable to administer it, even if I am connect to its local network. This can be especially problematic if the eero's settings are what is preventing it from reaching the internet, e.g., when custom DNS settings prevented me from performing the self-registration of a new cable modem (which relied on using the cable provider's DNS servers).


If the eero app allowed me to administer the base stations on the local network, I could make the necessary changes to restore internet access without needing to perform a reset.

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    I have many devices running internally. Being able to manage the lan when internet access goes down is critically important for my situation. Hope this gets on active dev asap.



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  • +1 even the ability to view logging would be helpful.

  • +1. Falling back to local control when internet goes down is key. Not being able to print because my ISP is having issues after a power outage is, for example, annoying.

  • The inability to administer the network via a LAN connected PC when Internet drops, have access to logs, and be able to choose a time when the Eero should update (instead of updating in the middle of our family watching a movie, and it restarting the network at the worst possible time during the movie) is hilarious for a "Pro" setup. 

    Premium pricing, with a subscription to top it off, with no ability to really administer it outside of the app that barely tells you anything, and losing "features" if you choose to use your own trusted DNS - come on Eero....really, you call this "Pro"?!

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