Port Forwarding: Ranges

Greetings.  Just set up an Eero with two beacons.  So far, so good!

I would love to see the ability to allow a range of ports to be opened.  Opening one port at a time when you need a range of 15 (and there are certainly common use cases with more than that) isn't efficient.  I have a NAS drive hooked to my network, and use it for a VPN network and a media server.  I need many ports opened.  While I know the Eero is meant to be a great wifi solution (and is) and not a feature rich router for uber geeks, I feel this is a fairly basic option that you see in most basic consumer routers.  I've set up a double NAT for my network for now, but I'd love to get rid of my old router as I had originally thought I would be able to by switching to EERO.  My desk has enough electronic boxes on it as it is, and this one missing feature is the only thing thwarting my evil plans!  Mua.  Ha.  Ha.  

Thanks so much for your consideration on this.



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