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If I have business meeting or calls it can be frustrating to have the eeros update themselves and me lose access to the internet.  I would like to be able to set a time that works for me during which they can update themselves to avoid this automatic updating interrupting my business needs or my wifi experience. 

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  • eeroOS: v6.1.1-14 - Released January 8, 2020. Be prepared for a network interruption in coming days or perform your update manually at a time convenient for you.   

  • Just bought my eero and now considering returning it before opening it as this is just non sense I dont want to deal with. I read that the Google mesh system also does this auto update bull crap. Has anyone found a mesh router brand that isn't so annoying for it's users?

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      crssho For the record, it appears that the auto update option is optional for Netgear and Linksys mesh router systems. If anyone else if like me and wants to ensure the have full control of when their internet just turns off and resets. 

  • The older google didnt have the auto-update. But seriously, with all the mesh I tried, this is still my favorite one overall. The google one has some problem for gaming. And I tried 2 Netgear that didnt stop losing connection somehow. 

  • eeroOS: v6.1.2-20 Released February 11, 2021 (System stability). Expect a network interruption in coming days or perform your update manually at a time convenient for you.

  • I agree that this should be a feature at the top of the list. I could care less if I can connect the network to my echo devices for voice control. We were down for 25 minutes today because of the update and my kids are doing remote learning because of the weather. They were right in the middle of assignments. If I could pick a schedule of 2 AM, that would really be great! I'm really considering going back to a regular wi-fi router. And being a network engineer, this is sad because I think this tech is pretty cool... Let's get going on this feature! 

  • Totally agree with this. We use webcams to monitor our 5yo and 1yo children in their bedrooms during the night. This is particularly important for the 5yo as he has severe learning disabilities and doesn’t sleep well. The updates cause the webcams to loose connection, they don’t reconnect after the update and we then have no sight or sound of our son and wake up in the morning oblivious to his night time activity. 

    I’m very surprised that the option of manual updates has not been available all along. 

  • I ended up returning all my Eero devices and getting the Linksys 9600 mesh router. You can add Linksys velop mesh components if needed. The lone 9600 covers as much area as 5 Eero devices without the software upgrade headaches...

  • This has been a problem for years. The router will reboot and update itself at any time without warning. Streaming a movie with your family? Time for an update! On an important video conferencing call for work? Time for an update! And by the way, these updates bring down your network for a solid 20 min. It’s incredibly disruptive and hostile to us, the customers. This thread is literally years old and full of excuses. I’m done with this product. 

  • NEW RELEASE ALERT. eeroOS: v6.2.0-1837 - Released February 25, 2021: stability, performance and security improvements. Expect a network interruption in coming days or perform your update manually at a time convenient for you. 

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  • It's absolutely insane that three years after this bug was filed the behaviour remains unchanged.

    Drew, or whatever poor sucker from Eero support is now reading this thread, can we get a real update (haha) on this issue? There are a million reasons this is inconvenient (e.g., dropped video calls to the other side of the world, baby monitors disconnecting and not re-connecting, VPN connections throwing their hands up in despair, large Cloud backups failing, ...).

    I am just one more unplanned downtime away from hacking the damn' firmware myself.

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  • Even the Eero support staff agreed with me that this update is needed. 

    Theo - thanks for the heads-up on the latest release. I kept an eye within the app until it became available to me and did the update manually at a time which suited me. 

    it’s a bad state of affairs when a customer has to rely on forum posts of other users to find out when an update is coming so that I can take action. 
    don’t know if it’s only me but I don’t even get notified of the update being available on the iOS app ( notifications are enabled and I receive other notifications like a new device joining). 

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  • NEW RELEASE ALERT. eeroOS: v6.2.1-23 - Released March 8, 2021.  Expect a network interruption in coming days or perform your update manually at a time convenient for you. 

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  • OK Eero, I get it.  You need to roll out updates.  Every update is a "System stability improvement".  Yeah ok.

    Aside from that, if you can't enable manual updates, at least give us a warning notification on the mobile app (not this forum since you don't allow router access through the pc).  Give us a selection of when to be warned (an hour before, a day before, a week before)...This way we're not scheduling a zoom call with overseas C-level executives on a $100 million dollar project.  

    Also, can we be assured that your updates are not sending data back on our devices and browsing habits?  How do we know?  The big South American River has muddied the waters...it's not very transparent.

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  • I have to agree with everyone here...the fact eero decides when to update with no input from the user is just beyond unacceptable and completely aggravating.

    One thought...has anyone tried to back their time zone up by a couple hours in the settings?  I am in Central in Dallas, TX.  I am wondering if I bump my time zone to PST (west coast(, will my updates shift to about 3am LAX time instead of 3am Dallas?  That is, at least, better for me as I usually stop working around 5am each morning...

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  • NEW RELEASE ALERT. Expect a network interruption in coming days or perform your update manually at a time convenient for you. eeroOS: v6.3.0-2030 - Released April 21, 2021. 

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  • Thanks Theo

  • Hi, I was having a problem with port forwarding my Minecraft server and realized that the public ip that I can find by searching "what is my ip" on google is different then the external ip defined on my eero app. I tried to set the the DHCP external ip to static but then my wifi just goes out after I set it to static. Can you please tell me how to fix this?

  • I work late into the night and have been interrupted more than I care to count by eero performing its updates. I have also had online games been interrupted because of eero updates. It would be great if eero would consider activity before it decides to perform an update if we can't have a scheduled update.  

  • Just to reiterate what others have already said... it is ridiculous that there is no user control for this. I don't care how "fast" the update is, losing my internet connection without warning (regardless of time of day) is entirely unacceptable. 


    How is this page 3 years old for such a simple problem/solution?!


    Notification on app: "an automatic update will be taking place tonight"


    -Select prefered time

    -Snooze for 1 day


    Notification on app: "An update will take place in 30 minutes and you will be briefly without service" 



  • Even thought I don't play games at night or do any type of important work, I agree that this notification feature should be a thing.

  • NEW RELEASE ALERT: eeroOS: v6.3.1-44 - Released May 13, 2021. Expect a network interruption in coming days or perform your update manually at a time convenient for you. 

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  • Drew Wondering if there’s any update regarding user control for the time that the auto updates take place? 

    I would support Eero’s making auto update to fix bugs or for other maintenance. However, I don’t think the ability for users to set the update at a time window outside their working hours is an outrageous ask. I was thinking the reason why Eero hasn’t offered such capability might be related to the optimization of bandwidth such that it wanted to spread the update across the 24 hours of the day. However, if Eero did push the update during the few hours after midnight, some users’ pushing the update to other hours (maybe even during daytime when Eero doesn’t use much of the bandwidth) may even be better for bandwidth planning and Eero can certainly win the users heart by fixing this issue that so many users felt beyond annoyance? Thanks!

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