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Can you add a DNS server so I don't have to setup an internal DNS machine?

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  • Ditto.

  • eero software release notes suggests that it uses dnsmasq


    dnsmasq supports a DNS service that will resolve local /etc/hosts entries. eero should provide a user interface to create such entries. Why don't they? It seems so simple.

    This could be done explicitly with a host name/address UI and/or implicitly by, say, using the name on a static DHCP lease.

    Every (cheap) ISP router I have ever had has provided a local DNS service that I have used to internally publish the names and addresses of my local machines. It's just mind-boggling why such an expensive eero solution can't do the same - especially when its underlying software (dnsmasq) can easily be configured to do so.


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  • I would love to see the ability to add DNS entries or at least have eero automatically map nicknames.  It would also be nice to specify a custom domain.


    For IPv6 support, it's necessary to have some way to resolve the hosts (Windows/Linux and Mac) on our local networks.

  • Please consider providing this functionality. Especially as I am an Eero Plus customer and by enabling Advanced Security I cannot change the DNS server IP provided by DHCP address leases. I understand this is due to the DNS entries being forwarded to zscaler, however we need a good way to serve local DNS entries. 

  • Certainly consider providing this.  I assumed it was already there and went to add an entry, and the feature is amiss.  This is a pretty high end device to not have such a low end type of capability.  Please consider this so our 300 dollar router is just as capable as our 30 dollar Netgear!

  • This would be amazing for when my ISP has outages, I will still be able to access home assistent via the dns name and have internal network ssl support.

  • Ubiquiti offers all we need by simply offering entry fields which can be appended as options, likely added as an additional config file:

    dnsmasq --conf-file=eero.conf --conf-file=user-append.conf

    This means we can add our own: 


    .. entries and they'd be part of the Dnsmasq config.  I don't think Ubiquiti even sanity-checks the config items, they just let you keep adding text strings to the UI that they drop straight into a text file.

    Of note, the example above is really an example of the power we're missing out on: I don't care what IP is given, just name this device by this macaddr "fred".  Thereafter, "ssh fred" works fine even if you change the subnet of the DHCP leases.  I have some 3 dozen lines like this one in my UBNT config that I turned off (all UBNT was doing at this point was leases -- I'd rather have my single-points-of-failure in the same eero box)

  • Holy Cow EeroA  What the hell?  *Every* router I've ever touched does this.  I just dropped  over $400 on an Eero system and it doesn't do this?  What gives?

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  • Looking to implement wpad

  • Hey, Eero product management people... from one product person to another... please, oh please, bump this up on the backlog. 

  • Hey Eero;

    FWIW I'm a software engineer and SRE with background in OpenWRT, Motorola embedded linux, Linux Foundation, LiMo, etc and I'm sure there are others in this group with better pedigree than that.  If you have a build framework and an NDA, I'll provide a suggestion in terms of a Pull Request and we can progress from platitudes and ignoring to bike-shedding nuances.

    If you'd prefer to skip an NDA, just put some representation of your build logic, and share zero secrets with me, and we'll get 'er done that way.

    If you don't know terms like "Pull Request", "bike-shedding:, and "build framework", please discuss with your Engineering Manager.  Motivated OpenSourcers are an untapped resource.

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  • Can I vote more than once? I love my Eero and the Plus product. But I SO want to add DNS entries.

  • I agree this is a critical missing feature that every other router I've used has.  Since Eero is using dnsmasq as shown in the release notes referenced above it should be easy to implement.

    We need this feature to allow named connections internally.  If I want to connect to my nas for instance from a mac I have to use its ip address instead of its easily remembered name.  I also have to configure a static address to maintain connections to the nas from clients that mount it.  With dnsmasq configured correctly we could use a name that is automatically updated to reflect the ip address handed out by dhcp.  Why is the reset of this product so awesome and this piece is stuck in 1998?

  • Now that the eero's internal DNS is advertised via DHCP and obviously more widely used... I can haz A records?

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  • Yea.. Just bought this system and that really sucks not having any option to have Aliases or any DNS service within the box. 

  • This seems like a trivial change to me. Just add an OPTION to the EERO app to set a domain name (that ultimately gets propagated to DHCP clients). Then we can continue our own DNS servers

  • Please Please Please add this feature.

  • Surprised this still hasn’t been implemented yet for such an expensive router. I have a $20 TP-Link router I use for device testing and even it supports an internal DNS. Please add this feature!

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