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I've got three Eeros in my house and love them. I bought my wife two Sonos speakers for Xmas and I'm interested in finding out how best to set them up with the Eeros from a security standpoint. In general, I've avoided IoT stuff for security reasons, but I've been told that the best way to install them if you have them is to put them on their own network, in my case, the guest network I already have set up. Still, this would mean we'd need to switch networks to control the Sonos speakers, or just live on our own guest network (not a problem, really) but I was wondering what "best practice" is when configuring an Eero network with a new IoT device. Any suggestions?

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    Currently, Eero disables Bonjour/Multicast/device to device communication on the guest network.
    This means that you will NOT be able to use Sonos/Savant/AppleTV/IoT/... devices on a guest network.
    While the implementation makes sense from a security point of view, I agree with you in that it would be nice to have some control on our own guest networks.
    While some may want to disable most services, others would like to setup a secondary Sonos system for example. This would require Eero to add some options to enable this traffic.


    Maybe if enough users request it, Eero's team would be more likely to implement such a feature.

    Only other option right now I believe is buy extra Eero routers, and create a second wifi network (primary (not guest).

    Related issue: https://community.eero.com/t/y7g40n/allow-airplay-apple-tv-chromecast-control-on-guest-networks

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