Double nat vs dmz?

My modem is a calix gigacenter and it doesn’t allow me to turn off its router features. I am currently running eeros in bridge mode and that works fine, but if I want to use the eero as my router I suppose the alternatives are to run in double nat mode or to place the eero in the gigacenter’s dmz and have it act as router for the rest of my lan. What are the pros and cons for each way and which way would you recommend?  Is it worth the trouble to do anything vs leaving in bridge mode? 



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  • I see that this is a 2 year old question.  I am new and asking this same question.

      • GuruDubs
      • GuruDubs
      • 1 yr ago
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      Eeros don't have enough customizations on the consumer side. This is intentional and part of the brand philosophy. it's a set it and forget type of device. Having 2 mesh networks in home is possible but you would want to be able to manually define which node you want to connect to which access point so that they have 2 separate bandwidth instead of just sharing bandwidth due to auto configuration. Channel saturation would also be an issue. Currently eero does not allow for end users to manually select the channel. Too much channel saturation can cause frequent drops (of any network or router) causing the entire system to crash momentarily. Newer routers usually recover in just a few seconds. This is unlikely to change due to manufacturers building intentionally closed proprietary systems.

      • BadWolfe
      • BadWolfe
      • 1 yr ago
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      GuruDubs Thank you for the reply. That makes a lot of sense.  I understand.

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