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I would like the ability to isolate certain smart home devices. Basically a special purpose profile or network that doesn't allow them to see any other devices on the network and only see the Internet. The key thing here is to prevent lateral movement should one of these devices be compromised.  I could use the guest network for this but I prefer to have that of until I have guests whereas I would prefer my smart home devices to be online constantly. 😊

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    • Freakinkat
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    I believe an NFC type of chipset or arms can easily do that, but the reason I say near field communication as an option is because you essentially have to be within Its reach and it has it's own layers which can be implemented either a custom os build, only creator and or creator/consumer of the OS and device used have the ability to monitor and even understand the OS since it would be a customized and tailored systems built from ground up, how can anyone else get into it or manipulate their way into and or around it to gain access to the said device? It would be tricky to say the least. More so even things like a physical mini device that uses a 1time key encryption and further encrypted with other layers can also be made and used as a means of only the 1 said physical mining device can access it and has the power to regenerate  and create a new key which the coding should allow for any device connected with the past key be booted off. Set a master erase or make a remote flash and overwrites with couple erasing and rewriting to the mini device if ever stolen or lost makes it un usable and cannot be Reverse engineered to attempt to rebuild it. But that's just my thoughts and suggestions, sorry never I introduced myself I'm matt aka freakinkat, nice to meet  yall😸🖐

    • flaperon
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    I second this request I would like a way to isolate certain smart home devices such as my Roku streaming devices. Right now I have them blocked until I want to use them. 

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