Feature request: sorted list of devices by current activity (bandwidth usage)

In the old version of the iOS app, there was a "top devices by usage" section on the home page, but that seems to be gone with the version 3 update.


I know that I can navigate into an individual device to see its activity, but having to do that for at least several of 50 devices is far too much hassle when I'm trying to find a device that is hogging the bandwidth. I have slow internet (12 Mbps down / 1 up), so often need to locate a device that is uploading so I can stop it to use the bandwidth for other things (like streaming TV).

Please add a sorted list of top bandwidth usage to the Activity page, and/or show the activity next to the device names on the Home page.


A sorted list somewhere easy to access would be very useful and appreciated.

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  • I completely agree and already submitted a support request for this. This is a major regression and I am unhappy about having updated the app.  Please bring back a sorted list with the current activity shown in the list.  What used to be on the home page could be in the new Activity page.

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  • 100% agree.  This was, for me, the most important/best features of the app (by far)!

  • There are so many threads on this forum asking for better data usage tracking, notably historical usage not just live usage, and then they update the app and even take away the ability to easily track live usage -- frustrating!

  • This was  a great feature.  Seems like the new app went way backwards in general.

  • Completely agree. I sent a note to support inquiring about this regression and was only pointed to this forum as the potential resolution. Consider this another +1

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