hide 5Ghz,

Can't it just be possible to hide the purity of 5Ghz for a period of time with a single button like

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  • I would really love this feature. A little back story. I have an entire house full of Whirlpool smart connected appliances that only connect on the 2.4 gig but I am using an Iphone 8 and it is not possible to choose another band. So I have ALOT of trouble if the appliance is knocked off of the network. I am told to use the app to reconnect but when the phone is connected to 5G and the appliance wants 2.4 they can't see each other. Another aside is I am a blind user and that is a royal pain to get fixed in the first place . Please please allow me to stop the 5g when it is needed so I can connect on the same signal as the appliances. I have to borrow another person to work the appliance set up and hav to have them wait while I call in to support to shut it off briefly to connect useing the whirlpool app.

     And that is just one case where this happens. I also have smart plugs that also balk when the phone is not on the same signal.  

  • We also have non mobile 2.4ghz only devices, and it is a pain to have to reconfigure them when eero moves them over to 5ghz.  It would be great to have a network setting to force the band for these non mobile device that needs it.  

  • This is the 4th request I've found that asks for basically the same feature for basically the same need.

    I personally asked to be able to "Pause" 5g for a period of time to setup IoT devices, other have asked to Disable, Block or Turn-off 5g. i suggest we all find each others requests and upvote them all, as i am upvoting everyone i can find.

  • when I run the disable 5GHZ test temporarily I get way better internet speed. Eero offers a temporary solution to a problem but no permanent fix. Eero make this happen PLEASE!!!

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