Feature Request: QoS

Hi There, I would like to see two new features added to the app for managing my wifi network.  The first is just device usage so when I go in and see my devices listed can you show and track how much data each device is utilizing and report back that on the app?

Second is there any plan for adding device prioritization where I could give a certain device higher speeds for a designated amount of time?  So say give the XBOX top priority for the next hour or see a device and even turn down the bandwidth it might be using?

Two features that would greatly enhance an already awesome WiFi solution!

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  • Jeff C. Another example. I just performed an iPad backup to icloud and during the time overall internet performance was very slow (dial-up like). I think the upload overpowered the overall connection (120Mbps down/6 Mbps up - comcast). It would be great if the eero could automatically limit devices - you already know maximum upload from the thruput tests. 

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  • Hi  wkandek

    Thanks for adding your feedback and welcome to the eero community! Every use case is a great example towards this request, and I'll be sure to share it with our team. Thanks again!

  • What about supporting QoS through something like fq_codel (Fair/Flow Queueing + Codel)? Complex QoS rules are typically horrible for normal people to configure and codel QoS has been proven to be effective. It could be basically a single toggle to enable and do a Speedtest to set the parameters. 

    Many routers already support including Ubiquiti ones  


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  • I bought the Eero system over other offerings after reading a mesh wifi comparison in the Mac Observer. You were their first choice based on Qos, calling it the best implementation they had seen in any router, period.

    I live in an area where DSL is our only option. I am one of the lucky ones that get 25 down. Our upload is typically somewhere between .5 and 1.5. With these low speeds, slow downs are always an issue. I would typically get an F on the bufferbloat component of the DSL Reports speed tests. 

  • To continue....

    A guy in our community tackled the bufferbloat issue and began marketing a customized router - http://evenroute.com/iqrouter/

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  • Sorry - to continue - With this in place behind my Windstream modem, my bufferbloat scores went from Fs to As, albeit with some loss of upload/download speed. I thought your product would give me improved speed while still addressing bufferbloat. Speed improvement - dramatic, bufferbloat scores went back to an F. I am now back to running a network that goes from the Windstream modem to the IQ router with wireless turned off, to Eero. My bufferbloat scores are back to As. I have lost some signal strength but am still seeing 16 to 20 plus throughout the house with the Eeros. Improved Qos/bufferbloat management on your part would allow me to drop the other device. Thanks for your consideration.



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  • Eero. Any movement on this?

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  • Thanks for checking in,  pflood 🙂

    At this time, we don't have any updates to share regarding QoS. As soon as we have an update, we will update this thread.

    We appreciate everyone following, liking, and commenting on this thread. The voice provided through these actions allows our team to monitor the interests of the eero customer community, and we look forward to continuing to build great new features.

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  • Jeff C.  Jeff you know this is all bull because from launch we been asking for this feature you guys have made several changes including upgrading the entire UI and still fail to listen to the ppls cry oh well a guess we have options right? Because that's must what you guys at Error tell us.

  • tousaintsharpe

    Thanks for chiming in. I know that sometimes it can be tough to see features roll out that maybe weren't requested or specific to what one was hoping to see. However, it is worth mentioning that different features rely on different resources.

    Depending on the availability of those resources, as well as where a current feature fits into the development of what the team is currently working on, the process of a feature being built isn't always based on first-in-first-out.

    For example, changes to the app UI don't necessarily require those who develop the way our mesh performs. That team was consumed for some time developing our first major eeroOS update, Truemesh, which was essential in making eero's mesh even better. They continue to be hard at work on maintaining our eeroOS, as well as seeing where we can continue to add new features. This can sometimes take time, and it really varies, but we are always listening and evaluating what we can add into future builds.

    Again, we greatly appreciate everyone sharing their ideas and requests with our team and the eero community. We will continue to look for ways to develop various requests into the product and experience, and we greatly appreciate everyone's patience and understanding.

  • Jeff C. Jeff, I would like to see priorities assigned both in wired and non-wired connections.  For example, late at night, I want to stream hi-res music.  But when I tinker on the ipad, I lose connectivity from the streamer.  I'm Thinking its a bandwidth issue, since I have over 30 items connected to the system.  I have a four eero setup, and am getting over 100 mpbs at the primary eero.  If I could throttle off unused clients through the software, I think that would help the bandwidth issue.


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  • I had the same problem with movie streaming fond out it was my modem that reduced my bandwidth now the whole house WiFi streaming any where in my home hope this helps.

  • namv68@gmail.com  

    Was it a setting in the modem, or did you replace the device?  Thanks.

  • I had to replace to modem with a new one

  • Not sure about QoS being added, but all my gear seems to be humming along now that 2.2.0 is out. No dropouts or buffering for 2 days. 41 devices and not a single issue. Anyone else seeing better streaming?

  • DMcWetty seems good, but getting some disconnects with some services - Hulu, Netflix, that I did not have prior to moving to eero.  I've only had the eero for a week, so I was on 2.2.0 from the start.

  • Jeff C. ,

    I'm not sure this thread is the proper place for my issue anymore. I was asking about limiting streaming rate to certain devices.  Can you please suggest where that issue should reside?

  • Thanks for checking in pflood

    I think this is still a good place to start for that request. If you would like to create a separate request, you are more than welcome to do so, but I also think it can live in here as well.

  • I would love to see these features...I actually bought the Eero recently thinking it had these features and was a bit bummed out to see it didn't.  I still love the device, but wouldn't be telling the truth if I said I didn't consider returning them due to the lack of being able to set/check priority devices and QoS.

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  • Hey Jeff C.  Hope you're doing well!  Enjoying some of the updates and good to see things like WiFi-Calling working, speed test being accurate, and bandwidth utilization on wireless devices updating frequently.  That all being said where is the focus on QoS and control over bandwidth by device that I started this request on?  Can you provide any insights into is this 2017, 2018, beyond this device?

    Here's the real life push which is why I'm pressing - sat down to steam 4K Netflix on the Sony, wife was in same room watching a streaming Youtube video on iPhone.  Fired up Netflix it kept timing out, thought that's odd so I even rebooted TV still now luck, then I decided to check your app, sure enough her iPhone 7Plus was reporting 40mbs down in erro.  I asked her to temporarily stop steaming which she did, and magically Netflix 4K spun right up and in a few minutes she went back to her thing and all was good.   With our ISP providing 70 down, there was plenty of bandwidth for booth of us, but if I could say set at the device level a cap at say 20mbs or something this problem most likely wouldn't even occur.  

    I can't imagine I am alone on this issue but it would be nice to know this is either gong to be coming or is beyond the scope of this product. Thanks 🙂




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  • Thanks for checking in,  Skeeter !

    I don't have any updates to share today, but I really appreciate the feedback and the use-case for what you experienced. I've shared it with our team, and as soon as we have more to pass along, we will definitely keep everyone informed.

  • Is there a transparent, publicly-available release plan/product roadmap for features like this? That'd be super for the customers who've been requesting functionality, and letting them get a glimpse into where these features fall. I tried peeking around a bit, but didn't find anything from a few quick searches.

    If not, I also +1 QoS/device prioritization. And +1 on being transparent on your product roadmap, instead of the canned "I've shared it with the team..." response.

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  • Hi  cantyjeffrey

    Welcome to the eero community and for adding your interest to this feature.

    Currently, we don't provide a public roadmap. Our team is constantly monitoring feedback from the community, which also includes all other channels such as phone, email, and social media. As soon as we have more to share, we will update a topic and its status. 

  • Please add QoS!  We often have trouble in evenings with our streaming connections buffering.

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