A Better Disney Circle

While eero already has some built in features like the Disney Circle, I’d love to see eero build traffic monitoring, specific website blocking, etc into its system. Many families in my community recommend Disney Circle but it doesn’t work with eero. If eero added those features natively into the firmware, I’m convinced it would be better than the Circle. And I would love to use it. 

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    • JTravers
    • 5 yrs ago
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    That's a great idea. The only issue I see with it is that eero doesn't have the resources to do something like this by themselves. It's a lot of work to keep track of sites, categories, etc and would require a dedicated team. Their current parental controls in eero Plus uses a partner, and they'd have to find a partner that does parental controls better than Circle. Unless you know of a partner that already has better functionality than Circle, the more obvious solution would be to simply partner with Circle as Netgear has. All IMO, of course. If eero can do it on their own, that would be fantastic!

      • smithwm66
      • 5 yrs ago
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      JTravers I agree!  The content management solution in Eero weak and seems unfinished 

      • Anthony_Gartner
      • 5 yrs ago
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      JTravers i could see the idea of intergrading opendns.  That does a ton of the filtering for you already.  Though i am sure you could be put their dns in the devices in question

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