Wiffi conection

Does my ring and cameras need wifi????

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  • Ring doorbell and Ring cameras? Yes, those would need WiFi to connect to.

  • Some Ring cameras and doorbells connect just thru POE Ethernet (wired) or can connect to  POE Ethernet OR WiFI <not both>.  My RIng Stick Up Cam Wired can connect to POE Ethernet OR 2.4G Wifi but will choke-up if the Wifi is running 2.4G&5.2Ghz, when running a EERO Pro tri-band with the Beta Labs Band Steering ON. Found out if you do this the Ring Stick Up Cam will refuse WiFi connection because it only wants to connect to a WiFi network that is 2.4G.  Band Steering seems to try to make all devices connecting to the EERO mesh use 5Ghz (especially if a mesh station is close by).  Solution for me is to turn off Band Steering and those devices that support 5.2Ghz WiFi will be running fast and those devices that only support 2.4Ghz will become slow unless your close to a mesh station.  I end up configuring our home to have 2 separate WiFi networks (1 Mesh that is best for 5.2Ghz and fast + the other network running non-mesh with extenders at 2.4Ghz) both WiFi networks connect to a single cable modem with 4 Ethernet ports to/from the modem backend.


    I initially started with an EERO Pro base + 2 EERO Beacons with 1 Ring Pro Doorbell with a Ring Chime Pro extender - EERO Mesh runs rally fast with over 120Mbps Download and 5-6Mbps up.  The problems came when adding the Ring Stick Up Cam Wired. Tried and failed with many hours with EERO support to use the Ring Stick Up with a second EERO gateway that bridged the 2nd EERO gateway from the Ring Stickup Ethernet wired port to the EERO Pro base via the Wifi mesh.  Gave up and got a 3 EERO Beacon to connect thru WiFi to the Ring Stickup near the 3rd Beacon, had same problem - No Wifi Connection even with a strong 45dbm signal strength ... after playing around found the Band Steering was keeping the Ring Stickup from connecting wirelessly. Finally ended up going with the 2 networks where I use the legacy devices that only can connect to 2.4Ghz on one network and the newer devices connect to the EERO mesh using the 5.2Ghzh WiFi!

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