Feature Request: Add Eero(s) as an accessory icon within Home App

It would be beneficial to see the Eero(s) that you are using in your Home within the Home app on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Currently, you have to go through a couple of pages to see which HomeKit “Hubs & Bridges” and “Wi-Fi Networks & Routers” you have connected.

While this is still fine, I think that allowing the actual eero device to be present as an accessory on the home app would help visualize its status...that they are connected. To add to that, I feel maybe even conveying to Apple that two separate sections within the main screen of the Home app labeled “Hubs & Bridges” and “Wi-Fi Network & Routers” would be a clear way of visualizing the devices. 

Just like accessories added to your HomeKit, users would see a status of “connected” or “not connected” on the box for that particular Eero or hub. And if they use force touch or push longer on a particular Eero tab, they would see options to reconnect, disconnect, the connection speed, and what devices are connected to that particular router. This would be a great feature for families who may not be home and want to quickly see who is online and who isn’t. Other features down the road would include being able to disable all network connections after a certain time of day or when someone leaves a particular location, etc. I could see this being implemented for children who may need to work on homework and focus less on the internet. 

Finally, if there were separate routers throughout the house, then those could be placed within the different Rooms and Zones that HomeKit provides for the user to organize accessories. The same information would still be provided on the respective Eero accessory boxes. 

Let me know what you think!

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    Home app addition is great, but a widget would be nice too.

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