Lower Speed Good - Higher Speed Bad

I am not an engineer... but some stuff cannot enter in my mind...

My story is told in 3 acts....

Act 1: Before Mesh Network and Eero

- I have 120Mbps internet connection, that was not good in some rooms, internet dropping a lot and bad measurement from some rooms.

Act 2: After Mesh Network and Eero (same Speed)

- I got 3 Eeros Pros in different rooms of my house

- The heaven came and I got consistent 125Mbps all over the house, no more internet dropping, all devices, all corners off the house with a consistent 125Mbps, the measuring in the Eero connected to the modem was 127-129Mbps, no much loss. Very happy I was.

Act 3: Same setup - Higher Speed

- Then I decide to upgrade my speed...

- I contracted a 400Mbps, believing I will have the same consistence of the "act 2", but wait... not...

- The measuring in the Eero connected to the modem was 457Mbps, but the maximum I got was from my phone almost touching the Eero (370Mbps). in the other rooms maximum I got was 250Mbps, but in some points 130-150MBps.

The problem was not the provider because the speed contracted is arriving even better (457Mbps), but the wifi is not consistent anymore as with lower speeds. What a deception.

I called the Erro Technical support and the explanations given do not convince me. Why? Why? Is higher speed a bad thing?

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  • That's expected behavior. Your devices are not likely going to be able to max out your internet connection speed when connected via wifi because the way wifi works is that it can only do one operation at a time (receive data from your device and then send data to your device). This means that whatever speed your device connects at to your access point (in this case, your eero unit), it will be cut in half. The speed it connects at is separate from your internet connection. Newer devices can connect at higher speeds, but depending on the quality of connection (interference, distance from the access point, etc) will impact what speed it negotiates. For example, my computer is currently connected to my access point with a transmission rate of 867Mbps. That means, the fastest theoretical download or upload speed from my computer would be 433.5Mbps. In the real world though, it will actually be less than that (that's why you saw 370Mbps speed test on your phone close to the eero). 

    As you move to other parts of the house, it's perfectly normal for speed tests to be lower. Also, doing speed tests over wifi can be tricky because there can be other devices on your network using bandwidth at the same time as well as a multitude of other reasons.

    What you're experiencing isn't "deception". It's just normal for the WiFi protocol standard. If you want to get the highest speeds out of your devices, you need to hardwire them. 

    • cMoo92 While I understand what you're saying, is that due to the way Eero's work? Because I've got gigabit att. When I connect wirelessly directly to my att network (maybe 20 feet away), I can run a speed test and get around 950mbps down and 8-900mbps up. When I do the same on Eero, from the same distance, (and I've got IP pass through all setup), I maybe max out at about 500. 

  • And why with the lower speed, the interference, bandwidth and other features were not as well "cut in half". I had 129Mbps in the modem and 125-127Mbps in any device on wifi.

    Thanks for your answer 

    • wellsuz your internet speed and wifi speed are completely separate from each other. You were able to max out your previous 125Mbps internet connection because your devices could transfer that much data across your wifi network. But now that your internet connection is 400Mbps, your wifi devices in some locations of your home are still going to transfer at the ~130Mbps speed.

    • wellsuz what is your wifi speed test speed when connected directly to your ISP router (bypassing Eero)?

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