Proactively notify about problems with internet

Every few months or so I have to reboot my eero network because my speeds have dropped considerably. I don’t check my in-app speed tests every two days, but I suppose I should start doing this.

Just today I noticed my speed tests on my laptop were capping out at 100Mbps, despite regularly coming in at over 900Mbps. I checked the eero app to see if I could get an idea of when this started from my speed test history. Sure enough, two automatic eero speed tests clocked in at under 100Mbps (signaling at least 3 days of greatly reduced speeds).

I rebooted my eero system and everything came back to normal. Since this is obviously an issue with the eero system (it’s been happening for years on a unpredictable basis, just like about every other router/AP in existence and is resolved after restarting my eero network), why can’t eero take the speed test data, compare it to a history, and notice that something is wrong? Eero should notify me that my speeds are significantly less than they have always been and that this has happened over two every-other-day speed tests.

The data is there and glaringly obvious. It’d be nice if I didn’t have to check the eero app for speed test results regularly to make sure my eero network hasn’t stopped working properly again.

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