Device whitelisting as a basic security measure

Hello Eero Team,

It’s been about 4-5 years since the first thread had initially requested the added functionality for device whitelisting. I’m surprised to see that it still hasn’t been added to the ‘Planned’ list of features, let alone ‘Under Consideration.’ Is there any chance we could get some clarification on this?

From a network securities perspective, I can’t fathom why this has taken the back seat in terms of priority. For those of us – as well as our professional clientele – who require even the most basic levels of security, this is a must. This has been a leading issue in compromised routers over the past few years, allowing even the most sophisticated systems to become re-infected following a lifecycle reboot.
I really appreciate what the team has been able to accomplish in terms of continuity and ease of use, while providing the most efficient implementation of the service possible. However, all of that means absolutely nothing if we’re still having to create some hacky workaround just to ensure that only a select few devices have the ability to connect and interact with each other.

Thank you!



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