Remove device from the DNS/DHCP Cache network

Select a device if it is online or offline and remove what is defined. 

Use case: 

I have a 3 devices that when I installed Eero received an IP of 192.168.11.xx

I then reconfigured my network for 192.168.253.xx  and they do not assign.

- Be able to select device (on guest or main) and remove

- Be able to set a smaller lease time in the config



It may be that the devices (2 are Honeywell thermostats) may not follow DHCP lease RFC 2131.  However, they will not get a new IP address.  They still hold the 192.168.11.xx  Even if they are unplugged and rebooted.

I also made a static reservation in the app with a correct IP.  On a power cycle it still uses 192.168.11.xx .  Even after I disconnect from the SSID and reconnect.


What I found was the Eeros under IPv4 lists both the old IP and the manual IP that was sent.   

I swapped to my old wireless (with the same SSID) and all of the units got IP address on the same scope of 192.168.253.xx  


i saw other posts for waiting xx days and I had them disconnected but that has not worked.    

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