Please add the ability to fully control the bands (2.4 and 5 GHz)

This has been an ongoing issue for years and has only become more prominent. I think most would agree that the 2.4 GHz band is long past its prime and is pretty much only used for IOT devices these days. I find it very annoying when eero suddenly switches me from a 5 GHz ultra high-speed connection to a terribly slow 2.4 GHz link. The whole point of using mesh technology is to spread the signal around your home so who cares about the reduced range of the 5 GHz spectrum?? Give me the option of separating the bands and if I need more nodes I will buy them. I would rather have fast 5 GHz network coverage that requires 5 nodes than a painfully slow 2.4 that only needs 3. By all means, default to the status quo for the people who have no interest or tech skills. But please give the rest of us the option to separate the bands. Everyone else does this. Before switching to eero I used the TP-Link Deco mesh system. Out of the box it was configured to "intelligently" manage the band each device was given. Since that never works well, I was able to change the settings to separate the bands. I turned off the 2.4 GHz for my main network and disabled the 5 GHz on my guest network (for my IOT devices). That way, if you have a device you want on 2.4 use that network, otherwise everything else will always stay connected to the fast 5 GHz network. I am a software engineer and cannot see how this would be difficult to implement.

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  • Just to add, my house has 3 floors and I have an eero 6+ node on each floor. The "intelligent" band assignment works so poorly that it currently has the Fire TV 4K in the basement, which is 6 inches from the basement eero node, connected to the eero node on the top floor via 2.4 GHz! So, in its wisdom, the eero system decided not to connect it to the node that is 6 inches away, not even the node that is one floor above, but in fact, has connected it to the node 2 floors above! If I was able to turn the 2.4 GHz band off, this would not happen and my Fire TV would get a good, fast connection instead of the terrible one it has now. I have become an Amazon fan with lots of their devices but this is really causing me concern. Probably going to return the eero system and go back to the TP-Link products.

  • Let us disable bands or at least 2.4Ghz. The whole point of me buying the Eero device was to give my son a 5Ghz (wifi6) connection in a location with 40+ 2.4Ghz SSIDs and tons of devices stomping on each other. I have no desire for 2.4Ghz on the device. I’d rather disable it completely. It would be pointless as any decent 2.4Ghz connection would be ephemeral. 

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  • I ended up returning my eero 6 + system. I really wanted to make it work but forcing me to use the automatic band switching was a deal breaker. The 2.4 GHz band is fine for low-bandwidth IOT devices but has no business connecting high-bandwidth devices such as phones, tablets, computers, and streaming devices.  The only advantage 2.4 has over 5 is its range, but isn't that the point of a mesh network? If range becomes an issue after limiting my network to 5 GHz only, I can just add more nodes.  At the end of the day, I am concerned about how fast my connection is, not how many bars it has. I would greatly prefer a 3 bar 5 GHz connection delivering 300 mbps than a heavily interfered with, full bar 2.4 connection that only delivers 2 mbps.

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