How can I get the Eero to provide the speeds I'm paying my ISP for?

Hello! I've been looking through the different posts through here, and finally decide to just ask one myself.

My ISP has me set up with 500mbps both up and down. The Eero app test from the wired ISP provided modem has me sitting at around 480mbps which is fine by me.

However, whenever I try to run an Ookla speed test, on my main unit, the speed is only able to tap out at about 350mpbs. I've also ran wired tests on my old Mac Mini and I'm lucky to hit 100mbps on those.

On top of that, I have 2 additional Eero units, one directly a floor above from the main, and 1 directly below in the basement. Both of those are capping out at about 120mbps. I expected both of those to be a bit slower due to not being connected to the actual modem itself, but that seems like quite a cut in speed.

I've tried restarting and power cycling the Eero units, but haven't had any luck. I also read in another post to try disabling the different features in Eero Labs, but that didn't change any results either. I'm enjoying finally having fiber internet, but really would like to be able to access the speeds I'm paying for.

Any other tips or advice is greatly appreciated!

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  • Hello js_mc ,

    Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community! There are a lot of causes for this behavior and most are able to be resolved pretty quickly. I have a few questions and some troubleshooting steps you can take below.

    1) What version of eeros are you using? (eero, eero Pro, eero 6, eero Pro 6)

    2) Are the speed tests you listed from WiFi or wired connections?

    First Troubleshooting Steps:

    eero placement is very important to the health of a mesh network. The first step is to verify that the placement of your eeros is not causing congestion on the WiFi network. Please make sure your eeros are 35-45 ft away from any other eero. If you find that you don't have room in your home for this you can unplug additional eeros and test where you might need an eero by walking around your home with just the Gateway eero connected and see where the signal strength drops off. Also, please review the article below for other placement guidelines.


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      • js_mc
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      James Hello James! Thank you so much for reaching out, I appreciate it.

      I believe I just have the regular "eero" unit itself, not the pro or 6. The model number is J010011. 

      All speed tests I listed are through WiFi, except for the one wired connection, which is oddly enough the slowest at only 80-100mpbs. I did run through and double check my placement of the eeros. The main eero unit is directly next to the modem my Fiber ISP provided me. It is connected via ethernet as well.

      The second unit it is in the bedroom directly upstairs. Via the app, it stated that this was a good spot when I set it up again. The 3rd unit is directly downstairs in the basement, again the app stated it was in a decent place. 

      After reading the link you provided, I do have one potential issue. My main eero unit is against the wall in my family room. On the other side of that wall is the fridge, microwave, and stove in the kitchen. Could this be the potential issue? Unfortunately though, I feel like I'm sort of stuck because our fiber line comes into the house in the family room, so I'm limited to wear I can have the modem and main eero unit. However, the family room is still only reaching about 350 mbps and is not near the kitchen itself.

    • Hello js_mc ,

      Thank you for that information. So, 350Mbps over WiFi for the standard eero is what most people should expect. So your WiFi speed looks good. With the standard eero, some WiFi speed drop off is expected and what you are experiencing there could be improved with better eero placement or possibly removing an eero from your network to help reduce WiFi congestion.

      I would suggest unplugging the eero that is directly above your Gateway eero or find a different place to move it. Base off of what you stated about placement you might only need 2 eeros in your home. So try unplugging that eero and then test the speeds around your home.  Also, do what you can to make sure the eeros are in that 35-45ft range from each other. You may not even need extra eeros at all depending on the size of your home.

      How many square feet is your home?

      The eero on the wall should be okay. Test the WiFi in the kitchen, there could be interference but it should still be acceptable. 

  • Thanks for the quick response! Our home is about 2000 square feet roughly, maybe a hair under? 

    I'll definitely move around the upstairs unit and maybe put it in one of the other bedrooms near the front of the house. 

    Even if I could get the upstairs and basement units to crack 200-250mpbs would be nice. I'm wondering if I should maybe reduce my speed plan down a bit, since hitting 500 doesn't seem possible with these units via WiFi? 

    My only question remaining is why I can't get my desktop computer to hit closer to 500 since it's hardwired to the eero unit itself. Anything that could be causing it to be so sporadic in terms of its speed?

    • Hello js_mc ,

      At 2000sqft you should only need two eeros depending on the layout of your home. In regards to the wired device not getting faster speeds, it could be due to the ethernet cord. It sounds like the ethernet cord might be a Cat5 that is only wired for speeds up to 100 Mbps. You can try picking up a Cat 5e ethernet cable and test it. It could also be the network card on the computer is not able to handle speeds faster than 100 Mbps as well. You can reach out to Apple to identify that. 

      In regards to lowering your internet speed plan, that is up to you. The eeros you have can support up to 1Gbps over wired connections.

  • Thanks again for your continued support! 

    Just did a little additional research, looks like my Mac Mini model can take speeds up to a gigabit when hardwired. I also swapped out my Cat5 cable with some Cat5e I had laying around. Still no luck. It starts off the speed test at about 150, and then immediately drops to about 70 mbps.

    I'm stumped! 

    • Hello js_mc ,

      Are you wiring into the Gateway eero? If not, then you'll be limited by the speeds that the eero is able to pull over WiFi. Also, check to see if you have Optimize for Gaming and Conferencing enabled in the Discover -> eero Labs section. If it is enabled, disable it and run the test again.

      If you are wired into the Gateway eero, try swapping the Gateway eero with another eero on your network and run the speed test again. If you have a stand alone modem or a modem router combo in bridge mode you will need to power cycle the modem for about 3 minutes to clear the public IP assignment out of flash memory, but you don't need to change anything in the app and you can just swap the plugs going into and out of the Gateway eero and put them into one of your other eeros for the test. The network will update itself and change which eero is the Gateway for the test.

  • I will definitely give that a shot. I moved the upstairs Eero to a further away bedroom, and I noticed the WiFi in my bedroom jumped from 150 up to 250mbps. Oddly enough, the room it's in now which is fairly far from the gateway eero, is getting up to about 125 mbps. I assume that's just cause it's fairly far away from the gateway.

    I tried moving the basement one around a bit as well, and still was only able to hit around 180. However, maybe interference from the furnace and such down there?

    I'll also swap out the gateway unit with one of the others to see if that provides faster speeds when hardwired. That's the only thing that's the problem at this point.

    Thanks again for your help!

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