Select what network I want my devices connected to, ex. 2.4ghz or 5G

I wish I can manually choose what network I want my Xbox on. Eero keeps putting Xbox on 2.4ghz, I want it on 5G. This is driving me crazy.

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    • CorgsinFrunk
    • 1 yr ago
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    I voted because I can see the value in general, but also Xbox's wireless isn't great. My PS5 gets way higher download speeds than Series X, which is a reversal from last gen. I resorted to moving a satellite Eero to a less optimal placement just to patch the SX to it. If you can do that, I'd suggest it.

    • Rick_D
    • 1 yr ago
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    Agreed. A per-device assignment (default option allows either band) would be nice. Despite some devices supporting both bands it is easy to see the performance is much better on one band over the other. Band steering isn’t quite the same as it just guides devices toward 5ghz. 

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