Eero pro not working well with Sky Q and minis

I've just switched to a new fttp isp who has given me an Eero pro to use. I'm having a lot of trouble with the Sky Q box i have connecting via wifi to the various mini boxes in my house. Previously I used a bthub6 router with bt broadband and had no problems with connectivity. I've never needed boosters or an ethernet connection under my previous setup.

I assume it's something software related within the Eero that isn't playing nicely with the Sky Q box. After doing some research i tried to put the Eero into bridge mode to see if that would help but when in bridge mode I am unable to connect to the internet on the Sky products, despite the satellite signal being projected on the wifi much more stably. I can see via the app that the signal to all of the ecquipment has full bars.


Has anyone had any similar experience with this issue? Any advice would be appreciated. The Eero is pretty sleek and it would be a shame to have to use a different router.

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  • I'm having a little trouble with Sky Q and Eero at the moment and hoping trying to connect via an ethernet cable running from my living room eero to the sky q box.

  • Why my Minis don't automatically reconnect to my Sky Q box when any the Minis - eero Pro supports DFS, so it's currently using channel 100, so well outside Did you manage to resolve your issues with Sky Q and Eero?


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  • No, i'm still having trouble getting a stable network established. Thought i'd cracked it earlier. Managed to connect the main Q box and the other 3 minis in the house together, all had a strong signal and internet access. About an hour ago I noticed the main sky q box has disappeared from within the active secion of the Eero app. Sure enough i looked and the boxes are reporting to have no internet connection. No idea why it can't keep a connection going.

  • I've just installed eero with sky q and have this problem, has anyone resolved it, or is eero just a waste of money?

  • Hi.  not sure if the fix I applied today will last - but has been stable for 6 hours !.

    I previously had my sky q main box and mini box both connected via ethernet to my BT Home Hub 2.0 using a combination of Cat5 and Powerline. Worked ok.  I have just installed Eero pro 6, getting rid of all the powerline connections.  Main sky box and mini q are now connected via the ethernet ports from the eero6 boxes.

    My main sky q box worked but the mini q box wouldn't link to the main sky q.  What was strange was that both boxes were picking up an old network name - even though I had factory reset them both multiple times - and they wouldn't hold an internet connection

    Spent ages. In the end I bumped in to this post: https://support.eero.com/hc/en-us/articles/360056800472-Setting-Up-eero-with-Sky

    After many trials I found the following worked:

    1. set the eero into Bridge Mode.
    2. physically unplugged the cat 5 cable from the back of both main and mini q boxes
    3. factory reset both the main and mini sky q but did not initiate a setup
    4. factory reset both sky q remotes (Hold down 7 and 9 until the remote's light flashes 4 times) - otherwise the remote wont wake the box back up
    5. went into engineer setting on both the sky q main and mini boxes (settings, 001, select) and disabled both the 2.4 and 5Ghz  wireless networks
    6. on the main sky q box, went into settings to get ready to start network setup - but first plugged the cat 5 cable in and then quickly started the network setup using the last option (connect using wired connection)
    7.  waited for the main sky q box to fully set up (I waited for the apps to reinstall and checked all was working by going on to youtube from the main sky box)
    8. repeated step 6 and 7 on the sky q mini box.

    It took a while but I got there in the end - and hopefully lasts.  


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      JoePineapples hi I have just switched my Internet from sky to youfibre and I can't connect my sky q boxes to ethernet at all it just keeps coming up with my old sky WiFi name. But I can connect to my new Internet through wifi but the connection isnt very good and buffers and plays up. When you say you factory reset your sky q boxes this means that you loose everything that you have recorded doesn't it?

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