Weird Pro6 setup glitch

Setting up the Eero pro 6 at a clients house, the wired base unit set right up. I put a wireless pro 6 in another room not too far away and waited for the LED to go blue which it did. The app said to choose the Eero with the green LED on it.


The odd thing was, it said that the one with the green LED was a Beacon. I had not brought in a Beacon from the truck, and the client did not have one.


As near as I can tell, it would’ve had to have been at a neighbors house nearby, been plugged in, and never fully set up in the app. Or is there a bug?


I ended up taking the wireless unit back directly to the router and setting it up wired, then putting it back in place as a wireless unit in the intended location and all was well.

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    • Kora_eero_support
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Hey there, tomciara . Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We aren't aware of any bugs that would cause this kind of odd behavior in the app during setup. Did you happen to take any screenshots during the setup process of the app labeling the eero 6 as a Beacon?

    • tomciara
    • 2 yrs ago
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    It didn’t occur to me to take screenshots.

    The fact that it directed me to one that was asking for the unit with a green LED tells me that it’s saw two devices setting up at the same time. I only had the base unit in the office, that already had updated firmware, and the second one that I was trying to set up in the other room.

    • eero_support
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Hello tomciara ,

    After you added their additional eero did you try and add another device? If it then found the Beacon you would know for sure there was a rogue Beacon somewhere nearby that was not setup. If this happens again, try and run this test and let us know if you can verify that the app is identifying a non-Beacon as a Beacon.

    Thank you for reporting this!

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