Wi-Fi Throttling Please

I would like the ability to throttle profiles to different speeds to limit streaming videos or slow their speeds after a set amount of daily usage.  Please add this feature.  Thanks

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  • I'm not sure where to post this so I'll copy and paste it a couple places.

    So I have a few ideas to help make eeros much better for the customers. First off I would like to see a way to force certain devises to only use certain eeros. Here's what I mean by that. I've got a lot of smart plugs and other devises that really don't need all that fast of internet so I would like them to be forced to only use my bedroom eero and not my main living room eero as it is the bigger eero 6 model so it has much faster wireless speeds. I only want my gaming devices and maybe TV on that one and the rest on the other eero. Which brings me to my second thing which kinda ties into that. I want to be able to dedicate speeds or to kinda throttle my TV and other devices so it doesn't take as much bandwidth away from my gaming devices. Now I know in your labs you kinda started to do that but it's all automatic. I want to personally dedicate each device it's own amount of bandwidth like certain other higher end gaming routers have the ability to do. I highly think this would be a huge benefit for gamers like myself. Even with my 1 gig internet service I still experience issues with these other devices all being connected to the same eero as my gaming system even with a wired ethernet cable being used. If I could get all these other devices on my slower eero I don't think I would be experiencing as many issues. I have found kinda a trick to get most of those other things off it however if anyone else is experiencing the same issues. I unplug my main eero 6 for a few seconds so everything transfers over to the other one then plug it back in which works most of the time to get most of the other devices off my main eero but that's a huge pain every time I go to play some games. 

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