Wired ethernet backhaul

I'm fortunate enough to have a 360+ Mbps fiber connection coming into my house and right now it works great in the basement where the fiber router and the gateway Eero are. The problem is, I have an ethernet cable running from the basement to the top floor and I'm only getting 80 Mbps from the top floor Eero. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Please help!

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  • Does the switch have 1Gbps ports, or is it just a 100Mbps switch?

    • cMoo92 It's a TPLINK TL-SG108 8-port Gigabit ethernet switch.

    • And is all the network cabling Cat5e or Cat6? If one of the cables is just Cat5, you’d only be getting 100Mbps throughout on the wire, and thus an 80Mbps speed test would be fairly accurate.

    • cMoo92 That may be the culprit. I think I have a Cat5 crossover cable in the mix. I'll give that a shot.

    • OK. Lesson learned. As soon as I replaced a patch cable connected the Eero upstairs to the switch-BOOM-everything jumped to 360+ Mbps. Thanks for you help!

  • very similar setup, similar issues - complex backhaul and its cat5/6 nature is TBD

    1. my eeros seems to be connecting on wifi not on ethernet. how do I know how they are connected on the app. support is unable to confirm that. on home page all eeros show <-> . if I click on non gateway eeros details they show wifi signals. can't figure out if they are hardwired or not
    2. is there a way to check the max capacity on each device/node, my base internet is 120mbps, but except for desktops that are wired i drop to 40mbps on most wifi: rokutv, mobile etc.
    • jains My iPhone now shows the upstairs network is connected via the ethernet backhaul now, so yours should too. Make sure your cables are at least Cat5e. I used Cat6.

      You can download the Ookla Speedtest app to check your speeds. I make sure that my phone is connected to the correct Eero router by looking at connected devices in the Eero app under that specific device.

      Good luck!


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