VPN Connection failed due to unsuccessful domain name - on 1 eero only

Has anyone ever seen an error where you get a VPN error but only on certain eero boxes in the mesh.

We have the main Gateway eero pro in the living room and 3 eero pro's off it throughout the house. I can connect my work laptop via VPN on the main box and 1 other box...as soon as I move rooms and hence onto the back room mesh it drops its connection and gives an error as follows

'VPN Connection failed due to unsuccessful domain name' and cant connect in that room. If I move to the main gateway room or the other successful box it works again.


All 4 eero's are up and work for all other devices, my wife works in the same company and her laptop connects to all 4 eero's ok.

I guess it  points to the laptop but strange that works in 2 of the zones.

It did work in those zones previously a few weeks ago and the network settings are locked down so I cant amend them.

Apols if this is the wrong place to post this, if so pls move it.


Thanks for any feedback.

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    • gazahun
    • 1 yr ago
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    I should have added I googled the error and it recommends a change to the DNS settings but that doesn't' make sense as it connects to 2 of the eero boxes ok and I cant amend my laptop settings anyway as my work locks them down....

    • leo0
    • 1 yr ago
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