I have a base and two beacons.  The base and one beacon are fine. The second beacon is not putting out a signal. The LED is on and the app says it’s fine but my devices won’t connect to it.  Ideas?

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  • It's up to the device to choose which access point to connect to, so they might just be choosing to connect to a different eero for a multitude of reasons--even if this beacon is physically closer. Have you tried unplugging the other beacon and then on one of your devices, close to the beacon, turn off wifi and then turn it back on? That should result in it connecting to the beacon that doesn't seem to be working.

      • Padrucker
      • Padrucker
      • 1 yr ago
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      cMoo92 if I take my iPad and stand next to the non-working beacon, it doesn’t connect to the other beacon, it simply doesn’t connect at all. If I take the iPad to the working beacon, it connects. 

    • Padrucker That's weird. Maybe try factory resetting the beacon and set it up again. If that still doesn't work, reach out to eero support.

  • I must say that I’m thoroughly disappointed with Eero customer support. Ive called a few times and have been on hold for 20-30 minutes before I just hung up.  I’ve sent 2 messages on their customer support portal and neither was answered.

  • Remove the problem Beacon from your mesh via the eero app then plug it from the wall and plug it into an ac wall outlet in the same room as your gateway eero and rejoin it to the mesh. Wait ten minutes after it's been rejoined to your mesh so your cloud account and other nodes learn about it then move it back to its original room.  

    Give it a few days for the mesh to incorporate the new Beacon into the mesh for best pathing and see if your devices tend to use it when in that Beacon's room or coverage area.  

  • Much appreciated. I will try this. 

      • David S
      • David_S
      • 1 yr ago
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      Padrucker You're very welcome and I hope it works. 

      Keep in mind eero Support and ISPs are slammed right now with the COVID situation so keep trying to get through to eero Support if my suggestion doesn't help.



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