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It would be great to be able to have the eero automatically assign any new devices to a default profile. I’m sure there are many applications for this idea - mine is that I have teenagers and would like to be able to automatically assign new devices to a profile that blocks use at certain times (or blocks it altogether). (The kids are savvy enough to be able to randomise the MAC address and present as a new device to get around any profile I assign them to). 

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  • Perfect, a Default connection profile where you can put a decent safety net. It could actually be a different default for the guest wifi and the standard wifi. The default profile could be defined directly in the parameters wher you define the name of the wifi network. 

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  • As a parent I would like the ability to assign a new device to a default profile so that they will have content filtering applied. For example my kids friends, or any guest, connect to our wifi - I would like them to be in a content filtered profile automatically - rather than unrestricted.

    Without a default, it requires constant manual intervention. And iPhones sometimes change their signature and appear as a new device so my settings aren’t applied anymore!

    The lack of this simple feature makes the Eero less of a dependable solution for security and parental controls.

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  • How is this not a thing? I am a brand new user converting from Google Wifi, and the ONLY reason I converted over was your parental controls. This should be SOOOOO easy to implement, just allow us to apply new MAC addresses to a preset filter list. I just don't like the idea that any of my kid's friends coming over to visit have to ability to view/do whatever they want. 

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  • any update on this thread?

  • If possible in eero app when i create a profule , i want see dispositive only in the PROFULE and not in general connection .

  • For people with kids who know how to fake their mac address. Or ever since iPhones and Androids have started using private IP addresses, this is kind of essential.

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